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    This should be fixed with 1.9.19!


    Regardless, you can always check the "Load out of Date Addons" button, and in many cases the addons will work anyway as not much changes that can break many addons.


    Please let me know if you still run into any issues with the new version!

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    Quote from herper >>

    I noticed since the update Wreak Havoc doesn't show its up unless you are targeted to the mob it is cast on. Since wreak havoc is a timed buff that causes duplicate  damage of that cast on a separate mob. would it be possible the code it to show till it expires or mob with debuff dies. If you want you can tell me what to do.

     Thanks for the report! I'll take a look.
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    Quote from Aleksej89 >>

    Why does it show on curse website that your addon "Supports: 7.0.3"?


    Since the update came out a few days ago i assume it supports 7.1.5 but the curse website is showing confusing info.

     I've been dealing with some changes to how curse approves addons, which forced me to do some addon code changes to be acceptable.
    The most recent release (v1.9.18) now formally supports 7.1.5, and you should see that reflected in the addon info.
    Let me know if you run into any issues! Also, the best way to get support or get in contact me is by joining the EventHorizon discord https://discordapp.com/invite/mR8xUUK ! :)
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    Quote from starfan6299 >>

    Hey love this add-on, been using it since Wrath *I think*. I have this problem where logs keep popping up in my chat window whenever I move between zones and while it's nothing major it is annoying. The message I keep getting is "Matched 202665 | 1/ 1"

     This should be fixed in the most recent version 1.9.16. Can you let me know if you're still seeing this?
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    EventHorizon v1.9.11 has been released! Details here: https://github.com/Brusalk/EventHorizon_Continued/releases/tag/v1.9.11


    Adds official support for Legion, as well as many class configs provided by users!



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    Please make sure that you don't have the Legion beta version installed. It will not work for live due to class-config changes!

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    I can't really help without some more information.


    Can you post your EventHorizon.toc file, as well as the contents of your two config/myconfig.lua files?


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    Quote from Tercioo »

    Which version are you using? and do you have any Lua errors captured by Bug Grabber and Bug Sack?


    3x [string "IskarAssistOptionsPanelWidget8_Border:OnHide"]:1: attempt to call global 'DetailsDropDownOptionsFrameOnHide' (a nil value)
    [string "*:OnHide"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnHide"]:1>
    [C]:: in function 'Hide'
    IskarAssist\Libs\DF\dropdown.lua:498: in function 'Close'
    IskarAssist\Libs\DF\dropdown.lua:729: in function 'DetailsFrameworkDropDownOnMouseDown'
    [string "*:OnMouseDown"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnMouseDown"]:1>

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    EventHorizon v1.9.7 Release Notes: 

    - Removed addon load spam from being on by default.
    *Class Configurations:
    - Hunter
    - - Fixed Dire Beast to properly display cooldown and playerbuff
    - Druid
    - - Removed references to spells which no longer exist

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    Quote from Litechampion »

    This is a great addon, please come and update it. I was excited when it was available for beta, and i think it could be huge with the wow community if it was updated and a few things were fixed.

    i use this mainly on my tanks b/c they have rolling defensive abilities to keep up. such as pulverize on my druid tank, i can keep this ability applied to myself 100% of the time without losing any dps! works wonders not having to watch a buff timer. Also on my paladin tank i can keep holy shield applied without wasting a gcd on reapplying before i need to, and it's also very handy seeing my shield of the righteous buff.  

    Come back to us !!! 

    I'm glad you like it! :)

    What are the fixes you think should  be made?

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