• posted a message on Annoying Pop-up Remover

    Is there any chance you could update this addon to remove the annoying bars with dialogue that shows up whenever you complete a world quest for example?

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  • posted a message on Postal

    I have a problem with this addon and I'm wondering if the author or anyone else here has had the same problem and perhaps has a solution for it.

    Whenever I'm on my alliance characters and try to send some account bound stuff to my main realm, where I play horde the following problem occurs: I add the items I'm about to send, and then I need to type where to send it ofc. The character I want to send it to starts with Bru and whenever I type it, it autofills to another character that also starts with the letters Bru. The problem is that the character that it autofills to was inactive, I even deleted it in order to get rid of this issue, but no luck. So now when I'm trying to send the items (which happens on a daily basis) it still tries to autofill to a non-existent character :( Like I said this happens on a daily basis so it's getting rather annoying. I've tried typing the characters full name and realm (Name-Realm) then clicking remove contact, using the drop down menu, but it doesn't seem to work for me?

    TL;DR version: Is there a way to DELETE a suggested autofill character name?

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • posted a message on AtlasLoot Enhanced

    Is there an update coming anytime soon for this addon? Starting to lose hope :(

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  • posted a message on Farmhand

    Hello, thanks for a great addon! :)

    Tested the latest version just now,  and found a minor issue, don't know if it is intended, but I think not...

    So I was harvesting my crops and got more than one "Occupied Soil", however the addon just marked up one of them, using the skull marker. I know that at least in previous versions it marked up as many crops as possible. It seems to be working on infested crops and such (it used 4 markers for me), but it still doesn't use more than one marker if there's only two occupied soils, like I had after harvesting my crops for example. To clarify, it was after harvesting, and before planting new seeds, In case that makes any difference.

    I don't know, is it by design perhaps?

    I would love it if this could be changed, because I find the occupied ones pretty hard to spot from time to time. Also, I read Gularon's reply and I think it's a cool idea, it would be really handy for someone with a memory worse than a goldfish, such as myself.

    Just sending feedback, LOVE the addon! Cheers.

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  • posted a message on FumahTotalGold

    Is there any way of getting it to include the gold in the guildbank? If not, would that be possible for a future update? Would be great, it is the only thing I miss from the addon.

    Cheers :D

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