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    Is it possible to add a chat command, similarly to how a macro works, in the built-in script?

    The reason I ask is because I use an addon for my keybinds, and upon switching specs I currently need to type "/kps load Resto" or "/kps load Balance". Since this addon can automate the item equips, perhaps it can automate this too? =)

    This is one of my favourite addons in WoW, if it can or can't, so awesome work Mundocani! =D

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  • posted a message on Fishing Buddy

    I can't seem to get the watcher to show up whatsoever. Had the same bug in 1.3b, which is when I first got the addon. 

    I tried the "/fb watcher reset" as suggested by grizzly below, but unfortunately it didn't fix it.  

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  • posted a message on Advanced Trade Skill Window

    Can't create the DK Glyph of Death Coil with this addon active because instead it created the WL Glyph of Death Coil... Have to deactivate it every time I want to create that glyph =/
    Other than that buy it's an amazing addon, probably my most favourite addon in all of WoW (except for Carbonite) 

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