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    Got this error after installing the latest release version and when trying to buy (from ANY vendor) items that cost gold instead of alternate currencies (e.g. garrison resources):


    1x BuyEmAll\BuyEmAll-3.4.0.lua:272: bad argument #1 to 'min' (number expected, got nil)
    [C]: in function `min'
    BuyEmAll\BuyEmAll-3.4.0.lua:272: in function `AltCurrencyHandling'
    BuyEmAll\BuyEmAll-3.4.0.lua:203: in function `MerchantItemButton_OnModifiedClick'
    BuyEmAll\BuyEmAll-3.4.0.lua:48: in function `MerchantItemButton_OnModifiedClick'
    [string "*:OnClick"]:2: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>

    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = 999999
    (*temporary) = 999999
    (*temporary) = "number expected, got nil"

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    Got this error when logged in after updating to 7.2.3 Beta:


    Dominos: Failed to load ProgressBars
    Interface\AddOns\Dominos_Progress\reputationBar.lua:50: attempt to index local 'color' (a nil value)


    Thanks for looking into it

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    As of late the money display below the box where you enter the amount of purchased items is no longer visible. This happens only with reagents and crafting materials (like simple wood or coarse thread for example). When trying to purchase other items than crafting materials the money display is shown as intended.


    Tried disabling all my add-ons to test if there's some kind of conflict between this one and some other but this is not the case. Hope this is easy to fix as this feature is invaluable to begin with.


    Thanks for a great add-on and happy hunting.


    (On the project site under issues I have posted an image showing the defect).

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    Archaeology is missing :)

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    Hey, great addon thanks for your hard work on it.

    Just a small request. Is it possible to add a feature so the addon distinguishes quests with levels from quests without it and not print any information if the quest has no levels? Like for example some quests don't actually have a level (DFM quests, the crystal quest from timewalking dungeons, holiday quests etc) and print a -1 to the gossip frame before accepting which then dynamically translates to the level of the toon accepting them.

    If the quest has no levels then there's no need to print any information to the tracker/gossip frame/quest log which means a neater overall viewing experience.  

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    It is really very nice and a sign of great relief to hear from you Thaoky!

    I'm on the same boat with you with regards to the game and I have been playing since early 2005. Still I don't want to quit altogether and I do find the urge to play albeit in a very casual maner. That being said I'm sure everybody here is respectful of your situation and is wishing you all the best with your RL constrains.

    RL always comes first and of course you have your limits and you are only human, BUT an addon like yours has been considerated by many so ESSENTIAL to their playing habits  the community literaly can't do without. So, and please don't take this the wrong way, if you are to quit the game or play less frequently, which is something everybody will respect and support you, will you consider changing the license from "All Rights Reserved" to GPL so contributors or fans don't face any difficulties from Curse or other addon hosting sites in case the want to pick up/fork the addon should something goes wrong? Or at least put someone you can trust in charge before resigning if this is what you plan to do?

    Regardless we want you to stay active, alive and kicking. It would be a shame to just throw away all these years you have devoted to the game and to this addon. But it is your call.

    Thanks for giving us Altoholic, I know I can't live without it and I'm sure many others feel the same way!

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    There are still a lot of issues going on. For starters moduleItems.lua causes a lot of errors and the editting of buttons is a bit problematic.  Also unless you save your new setup once you enter a dungeon you end up with your previous button setup. But of course we all thank Seismicshock for what he's doing! So let's find those bugs for him and squash them dead. :)

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    Glad to see you too Moon! <3

    I still remember fondly those beta testing days and the big happy family of a community we had developed! So many many good memories! That's why LunarSphere will always be somthing special to me!

    And yes, about the profile pic: Some things never change! :P

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    Oh, you can't imagine how happy this makes me! Have been with LunarSphere since its baby steps and it has grown on me so much I can't play WOW w/o it.

    I would also like to make a small request too (besides getting my fav addon back on track)! It is a little feature I have been asking Moon since I was still beta testing. Transparency! Please give us the option to change the opacity of central sphere/buttons/child buttons etc. That way we can have it semi-transparent, fully transparent, show up only in combat or whatnot! You see I have my sphere centred and fully open at all times and there are certain moments (like when I venture on pet battles) where the sphere gets in the way and messes things up!

    The option to change its opacity would do wonders for me and I'm sure for others too since opacity/transparency had been a popular feature request back then, but IIRC had proven a bit tricky for Moon to implement. Cheers! :)

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    I didn’t know where to post this since it involves two of your addons so I decided to post it here as PJE gets a little more love than PBT.

    I have always been a huge fan of mini pets and with pet battles I was super excited. Instantly I got BetterPetCount because hey, we all need to know which pets we have already and of which quality at a glance. I got PetBattleQualityGlow because knowing the quality during a battle saves you heaps of time if you aim to catch all rares. PetJournalEnhanced and PetBattleTeams, were a no brainer. But then Pet Theory showed up and unified all those into one convenient suite (sans PBT’s features). I have been following Pet Theory closely and I believe it is the addon any sensible pet collector should get (have mentioned that into one of my comments) because it has all the features unified into one package. It lacks a lot in the tooltip department (hopefully the author will give us some options and/or make the tooltips less cluttered) and the current zone filtering, which is an ABSOLUTE must have feature if you aim to collect all pets in all zones.

    Where am I going to with this rant you say?

    Why not UNIFY all the features of BJE and PBT into one convenient moduled suite? That way pet collectors/aficionados can get advantage of one powerful addon without having to download/install two separate ones. And with the moduled approach they could load which features they like the most. Collaborate with BetterPetCount and PetBattleQualityGlow authors or incorporate those features into your suite. I think your latest installment of PJE has a feature to show the quality of pets during a battle but I may be wrong. When I tested it I just couldn’t tell what the quality of the pets were since there was no quality coloring in their names (which identifies them at a glance) and their color bordering was a little vague (white and gray seemed too similar or something so I supposed there wasn’t any quality colorization). During my testing I didn’t encounter any uncommons or rares to see if there was a green or blue border and I did test that feature for more than 30 mins.

    Give us the option to show/hide PBT’s frame while it still is attached to the Pet Journal frame. Much like how Blizzard handles the raid/party frames with a slide in and out effect iirc. I enjoy having PBT’s frame attached, but sometimes having too much clutter on your screen is counterproductive.

    Last but not least. Make the total numbers of pets owned/number of unique pets owned show into the same box and not two different ones. Personal preference, but I think having this info into the same line is more pleasing to the eye and more easily readable.

    Anyway I would like to thank you for the addon and the hard work you’re putting into it. Hope you found my rant constructive. I am a huge fan of unified features into one powerful suite with the option to enable/disable features at will and any addon that does that instantly gets my seal of approval :)

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