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    Hi there! I'm using Greenwall with the Identity 2 addon and getting an error message when I talk in /g. Some subguild members can see me, some can't. The message is "[ERROR] Message corruption detected. Please disable add-ons that might modify messages on channel 1." Of course 1 is where Greenwall connects. I disabled Identity 2 and it cleared the issue, but a) I know lots of people use them both with no issues and b) I was using it before with no issues and all of a sudden it wants to be cranky. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! :) ~ Cara

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    Thank you so much for this addon! It made Legion invasions 10x more enjoyable. :D

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    I swear I'm losing it... I could have sworn there was an option to resize the Polymorph timer, but I can't find it for the life of me. Any ideas? :)
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