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    This error happens if you open the pet journal right away after logging in, and mouse over the icon in the area showing info (abilities, 3D model, etc) about the currently selected pet:

    BattlePetBreedID\BreedTooltips.lua:109: attempt to index field 'BreedsPerSpecies' (a nil value)<br />BattlePetBreedID\BreedTooltips.lua:109: in function 'BPBID_SetBreedTooltip'<br />BattlePetBreedID\BreedTooltips.lua:502: in function &lt;BattlePetBreedID\BreedTooltips.lua:462&gt;<br />[C]:: ?


    It doesn't happen if you mouse over a wild battle pet in the 3D world first.

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    MogIt is adding the "This item is on your wishlist" text twice to item tooltips. Here's a screenshot, with all other addons disabled, showing a tooltip for a quest reward item:




    The item is only in one set in my wishlist, and I only have one wishlist profile called "PALADIN". Is there an option I'm missing, or is this a bug?


    I am using MogIt 3.8.1 (the latest version as of this posting) on US live servers, English language. I've checked on some other characters and the same thing happens. I couldn't say when this started happening, as I just came back from not playing for several years.



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