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    I cannot get "Blur" recognized when used or shown as on-cooldown in "Raid Cooldowns." I can track every other defensive cooldown for my raid (even Darkness) it's just Blur that has this issue. Tried 198589 and 212800 spell IDs, neither worked. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks all

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    Wondering what I am doing wrong - I have "Increase Maximum Buffs" checked but it does not increase my maximum buffs. Do I need to do something in the standard UI to ensure they all show? I really want to be able to see my Execution Sentence buff on my teammates, and my 60 minute buffs. 


    Also - I've seen many players with 60 minutes buffs in thier raid frames (i.e. Blessing of Kings) and they told me they have it showing due to BigDebuffs, but my 60 minute buffs have never shown.


    I've tried deleting and re-installing the addon. I also run OmniBar and Sarena. 


    It seems to work for everyone else, so just wondering what I could be doing wrong. 



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    Observations from new update - If you have show unused as enemies appear - I've been in Arenas and they do not show (i.e. mage not showing counterspell/deep)


    Also I only have omnibar selected for use for arenas only, but it appears in battlegrounds. And once not in an arena at all. I also run sArena and BigDebuffs if that helps. 


    Just wanted to point that out, I love the addon!!

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