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    and a note: i tried a GetAll() scan from TradeSkillMaster, it behaves the same way as Auctioneer.. it displays the full AH in a single huge list for a few seconds.


    all AH addons that use the GetAll() Blizzard API will do this - it's standard Blizzard API behaviour for this function - maybe add a hook to it and disable the overlay while the scan is running?



    p.s. for the tiny frame there's a solution: disable CompactUI option in Auctioneer settings. I run Auctioneer with CompactUI disabled and it uses normal item icons. CanIMogIt icons in AH were looking just fine in for me.


    It's only a problem if you have CompactUI enabled in Auctioneer.

    To disable it: Auctioneer configuration -> Util modules -> CompactUI -> disable the checkbox for 'Enable use of CompactUI'

    and then /reload the interface

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     when Auctioneer runs a GetAll() scan it will cause the main Browse tab of the AH window to display ALL the AH items at once in a single huge vertical list - this is how Blizzard's AH API behaves for GetAll() scans.


    and indeed... computing appearance icons for 50+ thousand items at once would be useless as that GetAll() list is cleared from the AH Browse tab about 30 seconds later.

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    the extended UI is not a standard Blizzard frame so those icons are invisible for CIMI. Special modifications would be needed to be made in CIMI so that it tries to adapt for it, like the ElvUI support.

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    BoE indicator is currently a work in progress:

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    the alpha preview version published on the Auctioneer site seems quite usable for me.
    AuctioneerSuite-7.5.5721.zip    2017-08-06 17:42:47   

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    probably it would work with Enchantrix like the disenchant / herb milling / ore prospecting actions

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    if you see next/prev page buttons then you are NOT using Auctioneer. Auctioneer doesn't have pages, all the search results are listed in a huge vertical list on a single page.

    Blizzard's interface is the one that has page buttons, even if the interface skin might be changed by Auctioneer, it's still just a theme/skin. The interface itself under the skin is Blizzard's.

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    your outbid bids do not disappear when you close the window. They disappear when you log out of that character. It's a Blizzard 'feature' - nothing that Auctioneer can do about.

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    The author(s) of SavedInstances chose the license to be "All rights reserved".

    That means they could nuke that github space at anytime for copyright infringement - the publisher even stripped the .\license.txt file from the code on github.

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    please fix issue #63 - needs only a small delay timer.


    Date: 2017-07-11 08:17:44
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...rrisonMissionManager\FindBestFollowersForMission.lua line 254:
       script ran too long
       [C]: ?


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