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    What this addon does is swap out the object icons with different ones.. Tracking nodes is one object icon.. you can change that icon but it does not care what that node is.. Example it is a mining node, herb node, resource pickup they all use the same icon. Or Blips if you will..
    Simple answer is no you can not change the color of a specific live node tracked on the minimap. You can not say have a different color for Felslate and Leystone Ore nodes or even differentiate them from say herbs if you were a dual gatherer..
    All you can do is change the little yellow dot to be something other than the little yellow dot.

    Only in addons like gathermate2 or the like that tracks where node have been found can you have say a different icon for different nodes, BUT these are not LIVE nodes they are a graphical representation of the location of coordinates to where a none was gathered in the past. 

    Now for Other Blips? Well for example Hostile / Friendly / Neutral Players have their own blips.. Same with NPC's so those DO have different color blips.

    You can open up the ObjectIconsAtlas.tga graphics file to see all the blips [though they are not labeled so you have to know what goes in what spot. A

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     Thank You!!!! 

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    *nods* I can understand that.. Thanks for working on this idea..
    looking forward to seeing my repair costs at the end..
    I was toying with the idea of seeing an accumulative sold value after hitting my  [S] several times (sells no more than 12 at a time protection) but not really critical. I would be happy to just see the repair value at the end and I think I will be perfectly happy =) 

    I also have found I DO like the this vendor can not repair reminder (at 1st I was like really? do I need to know this?) I find I do need to know this lol

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    Works great thank you.. Perfect!

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    Quick note:

    So I find myself having to scroll up to see how much I just spent in repairs after it also sells all the junk..  Any way to get the Repairs funded by listed after Total Profit?



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    I second this request..
    I want the opposite for my weapons to stay sheathed after combat ect.. seems I am always running around with my weapons drawn and hitting z each time is a pain. The script I use just isn't cutting it.


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    What about an option to select different blips? and the not tracking NPC's could be one of the options.. maybe even toggle those up/down arrows and also Friendly NPC's


    I know Chinchilla Minimap updated their Blips for all the selections they have..

    Not everyone wants a whole new Mini-Map addon..



    If I remember these started out originally with blipstick.. but the ability to even add our own modified blips to then be selectable in Derangmentblips would be very cool..
    I know it would mean needing a Menu or Interface options..

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    pretty sure you would also want to remove the up down white arrows or they will be showing up when your flying or if they are flying.. You would then loose the functionality of seeing if a player is above or below you though.

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    What I would love is a way to enable / disable toggle in the Broker icon..

    Like right click the icon to toggle the enable/disable..


    Right now all it does is open the interface panel on left or right click.. which is usable but extra steps.
    Also the plugin text should just be On or Off maybe even Green On and Red Off ?
    Right now you have [Icon] [Label text as autoturnin {off/on}] [plugin text as autoturnin {off/on}]
    So in my Titan Panel it shows [Icon]autoturnin[on]:autoturnin[on]
    When it should show [Icon]autoturnin:on  or [Icon]On preferably 

    yes /au on / off can be macroed  but I am running out of macro space.

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    I copied I think Target Buf Bar then made my changes and it worked.. so in making a new bar I must have missed something

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