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  • Supports: 1.10.2
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  • Updated Jan 9, 2017
  • Created Feb 8, 2014
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  • License: MIT License
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The mods binaries, as well as its textures and code are licensed under the MIT License.


Feel free to use the mod in any modpacks. You are allowed to use it, you do not need to ask for permission, in fact permission requests will usually be ignored. When using the mod, please use the Curse/Curseforge download and do not rehost the files.

Any modpack which uses Tinkers' Construct takes full responsibility for user support queries.

For anyone else, we only support official builds from Curse/Curseforge, not custom built jars. We also do not take bug reports for outdated builds of Minecraft.

Getting Started

Tinkers' Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else. The tools never disappear and can be named and changed to your heart's desire. Once you make them, they're yours forever. Many different materials can be used to make your tools.


To get started you need a few tables and a place to put your patterns.
Tool Tables


Be sure to put the pattern chest by the part builder, as you can access them together. Use the Stencil Table to craft the patterns, and craft tool parts from them using the Part Builder. The part builder also displays information about the material used.
Part builder with pattern chest


Next step is the Tool Station, where  you build, modify, and repair tools like so.
Building a Pickaxe
[missing pic of modifying tools]


The next step is to build a Smeltery, so you can process metals and use them for tool parts as well. All you need is some gravel, sand and clay.
A large smeltery
Many molten things


You can even automate your Smeltery. There's some new friends included as well.
Automating block casting


The mod also brings a few new things to the world, like these fellows here.
Blue Slimes


What changed since 1.7.10?

  • Materials changed, each material has unique traits
  • Some new materials
  • Part materials matter more. Some traits can only be obtained by using a material as a tool head
  • Part replacement
  • Tools with mutliple head materials can be repaired with all of them
  • Tinkers' Construct does not come with copper ore, tin ore, etc. anymore but instead supports them
  • More slime island fun
  • Single-Use Clay casts
  • Right clicking a drain with a bucket puts the liquid into the smeltery
  • Sharpening kits so you can have any harvest level desired
  • No more extra-modifiers
  • New modifiers: Soulbound (Nether Star) and Width/Height (Expander)
  • New improved GUIs
  • Slimesling and Slime boots




Q: Where did Copper, Tin, Aluminum,... go?

A: Tinkers' does not add any ore generation besides Cobalt and Ardite anymore. It does however support any mods that add them automatically.


Q: The Smeltery is missing!

A: Go to your config directory. There you'll find a TinkerModules.cfg. Enable the Smeltery there.


Q: <Anything regarding old Minecraft versions>

A: Active development always focuses on the current version of Minecraft. There will be no backports to older/previous versions.


Q: Optifine crashes my game with Tinkers'!

A: Optifine changes how rendering works. If it crashes the game, there's nothing I can do about that. Tinkers' Construct does not use any special rendering.



Tinkers' Construct 2

KnightMiner - Developer
mDiyo - Original Author of the mod
Firedingo - General Task Support


Tinkers' Construct <= 1.7.10

fuj1n - Landmines, Former Developer
progwml6 - Former Developer
Fudgy_Fetus - Cutlasses
NekoGloop - Thaumium Textures
Skyboy - New tool renderer
Zerokyuuni - Battlegear support
Vexatos - Translations
BluSunrize - Casting Channels
tonius11 - NEI Support
baddaspig - Slime Crystal graphics


Requires Java 8!

Requires Forge

Requires Mantle 1.1.3 and (if used) JEI


Changes and Bugfixes compared to the 2.6.0 alpha:

  • Cobalts Lightweight trait works with bows now
  • Fix attack indicator on crosshair not showing when using a bow or crossbow
  • Fix smeltery/furnace controller not stacking when harvested
  • Fix book links/double-forwards
  • Bolt Cores on bolts can be replaced correctly now
  • Fix smelting progress resetting when shift clicking items in
  • Localization fixes
  • Add missing death messages
  • Harvest level names can be correctly overriden by resourcepacks now



  • Bows are back, as well as the crossbow! You'll find that they've changed quite a bit, but the book has you covered
  • Shortbows are fast and mobile
  • Longbows are slow but have higher range and more base damage
  • Crossbows are really slow but are very accurate, have high damage and partial armor penetration
  • Arrows use different shaft materials with traits
  • Bolts also use the shaft materials as base now
  • New book multistructures
  • New book chapters for the different tools, and bow materials
  • New modifier: fins. Put them onto projectiles for underwater fun


  • Swords now have a "sword" harvestability. Also fixes an incompatibility with Waila Harvestability where swords stopped breaking cobwebs
  • Requires newer JEI now, some recipes are displayed a bit differently now
  • The smeltery and tank now displayes empty space as ingots. Press shift to display bucket space



  • Fix table recipes not showing up in JEI
  • Fix scythe calculating handle durabilities incorrectly
  • Fix shurikens not being repairable with all materials
  • Fix a bug where the last shot of a projectile (Shuriken,...) would not deal damage
  • Fix a bug where projectiles could not hit the Ender Dragon
  • Fix a bug where looting on projectiles wouldn't work for Endermen
  • Fix a bug where the rapier animation didn't play
  • Fix a crash with mods that add extra buttons to GUIs
  • Pattern-/Partchests gotten from destroying the block now correctly stack with newly crafted ones


  • A very small minor API break where an event was renamed because of a typo. I doubt anybody used it.
  • Bow stuff is now finished
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