Supreme Dungeons Mod

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  • Updated Dec 11, 2014
  • Created Jun 22, 2013
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About Supreme Dungeons Mod

The Supreme Dungeons Mod adds many new structures into the minecraft game, some are booby-trapped and have many untold riches inside, but others are just abandoned villages ruins, this mod adds one block into the game, the block is called "Dungeonite" and will be used to craft many items in the following updates, it does not spawn naturally and is now only a placeholder. There are no new crafting recipes for this mod yet though later dungeonite will be a key ingredient for crafting.

This is one of my many mods and it was inspired by Lelula, who will be showing up in my series. Give all architecture credit to Lelula and all coding credit to me.

P.S. This mod is in Alpha Any bugs should be reported by PM or Commenting.




-First Update

  • Adds 5 new structures into minecraft* Any bugs should be reported to [email protected]
  • Adds Dugeonite, a block that is a placeholder for now...


Structure spawn in "clumps"


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