Random Things

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  • Supports: 1.11.2
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  • Updated Feb 16, 2017
  • Created Jun 22, 2013
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  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: RandomThings-MC1.11.2-3.8.jar

About Random Things


Random Things is a collection of features that i deemed not "big" enough to make an extra mod for but still wanted to code. Therefore the mod doesn't really have a central topic and the features generally don't interact much with each other.



The Wiki contains the content of the 1.11 version, the 1.7.10 one is not getting updates anymore, please don't create issues about it on github.


Drop the downloaded .jar File in your mods folder.

Mod Packs

You can add Random Things to any mod pack you want.

Bug Reporting

Please report bugs on my github issue tracker

Source Code

You can look at the source code on my github , feel free to contribute.

  • Added: Luminous Powder
    • Added: Luminous Stained Bricks & Blocks
    • Added: Luminous Powder can be used to make the enchantment animation glow in the dark
  • Changed: Super Lubricent Ice now also works with other entities besides items (Like Players)
  • Changed: Increased Bonemeal Rate of Nature Core
  • Changed: A Nature Core will no longer plant trees in a 10 block radius around it (Leaving a clearing around it)
  • Changed: Nature Core is now harvestable with a diamond axe
  • Changed: Tweaked Purple & Blue Stained Brick color
  • Fixed: Model not found errors in logs
  • Fixed: Advanced Item Collector no longer picking up items after a chunk reload
  • Fixed: Players getting suffocation damage when returning from their Spectre Cube
  • Fixed: Lava Charm not working in the baubles slot
  • Fixed: Falling Blocks landing on a compressed slime block being broken instead of bounced
  • Fixed: Magic Bean Stalk breaking even supposedly indestructible blocks
  • Fixed: Water Walking Boots not working
  • Fixed: Returning wrong Dimension Type in the Spectre Dimension Provider
  • Fixed: Quartz & Lapis Glass not working properly

The Luminous Effect on Blocks is currently not working with Optifine installed, i'll look into getting it compatible later.


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