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  • Updated Dec 11, 2014
  • Created Aug 29, 2013
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About Noah's Mod

Hi, I'm noah and i'm the maker of the mod Noah's mod Noah's mod is a mod wich (in v0.1) adds Bedrite ore Bedrite tools (Only shovel and pick) And a way to craft saddle's And i'm planning on adding: More ore's More Tools More blocks More armor And More Utilities.

What is Bedrite? Bedrite is a new ore after diamond, It's only breakable by diamond pick and Drops 1 ingot. It's sort of a mix between diamond and bedrock. It's stronger (2500uses on a tool) and its twice as fast. It's also Extremly easy to enchant (see pictures:, It was first try to get a enchant (easy means that it gets loads of good enchantments).

Please suggest stuff on the forums, I'm looking at every suggestion and try to add most of them


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