KBI Enriched Gravel

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About KBI Enriched Gravel

KBI Enriched Gravel Mod

Ever wandered upon a gravel pit and thought, "Oh no, not another one of these stupid things"? Found yourself with stacks and stacks of this block that has practically no uses? Been exasperated by how hard it is to get flint without wasting 30 experience levels on a Fortune III shovel? This mod aims to help you fix these problems.

This mod adds 8 types of Enriched Gravel and a Gravel Sifter to help you gain slightly more valuable resources from gravel pits. It's not like it's dropping diamonds or anything; you only get chunks and nuggets, and only any valuable ones from the rarer types. I've mined 2 stacks of only Enriched Gravel in testing and not gotten any diamond or emerald shards from them, and only 4 iron, gold, and silver nuggets.

See the middle of the page for an in-depth description.

(Picture of a Sifter after right-clicking on Slightly Enriched Gravel, getting a stack of 2 flint, a clay ball, and a chunk of dirt)

Now that you're interested, here's how to use this mod!


This mod requires Minecraft Forge version 608 or higher to be installed. It is version independent, meaning that it should work on Minecraft 1.5.1 and most versions shortly afterwards, until Mojang, Minecraft Coder Pack, or Forge change something major.

Forge installation is pretty simple. Download the version of Forge you require, and use a program such as 7-zip to put Forge's files into minecraft.jar. If you don't know how to do this, there are thousands of both written and video tutorials out there. It should also work on a server; just install Forge to the server jar instead of the client jar.

Once you have a working Forge install, place the download into your /mods folder and go!


Version 1, MC 1.5.1+, Forge 608+: http://dev.bukkit.org/client-mods/kbi-gravel/files/

Enriched gravel will only spawn in newly generated Overworld chunks. This means that if you install it on an existing world, you'll only find it in places where you've never explored before or in MystCraft dimensions. (It should also work if another mod adds a dimension with gravel in it. If not, post to let me know and I can try to fix it.)

It's also highly recommended, but not at all necessary, to install some, if not all, of the following mods to get full usage out of Enriched Gravel:

Industrial-Craft 2
GregTech (requires IC2)
Forestry (better with Buildcraft)
Thermal Expansion (better with Buildcraft)
Tinker's Construct

How to Play

  • Enriched Gravel can occur anywhere inside normal Gravel. Gravel pits, village streets, gravel beaches if a mod adds them...
  • There are 8 types of Enriched Gravel, going from most common and least valuable drops to least common and most valuable drops.
  • Enriched Gravel, when mined normally, will drop one gravel and a random resource item.
  • A Gravel Sifter can be crafted by placing 3 sticks on the left side of a crafting table, 3 sticks on the right, and 3 string in the middle. It has 64 uses.
  • A Gravel Sifter, when right-clicked on a normal block of gravel, will convert it into flint.
  • A Gravel Sifter, when right-clicked on a block of Enriched Gravel, will convert it into 2 or 3 resource drops instead of 0 or 1 resource drops and a block of regular gravel.
  • Resource drops need to be crafted either in a 2x2 square or a 3x3 square to get the full resource. Some resources require other mods installed to be useful.

    Here's a list of resource drops, and how to make stuff out of them!

Usable with Vanilla

  • Flint
  • Sand Pile (1/4th block of Sand)
  • Dirt Chunk (1/4th block of Dirt)
  • Stone Chunk (1/4th block of Stone)
  • Clay Ball (vanilla, 1/4th block of Clay)
  • Iron Nugget (1/9th Iron Ingot)
  • Gold Nugget (vanilla, 1/9th Gold Ingot)
  • Coal Chunk (1/4th piece of Coal)
  • Obsidian Chunk (1/9th block of Obsidian)
  • Soul Sand Pile (1/4th block of Soul Sand)
  • Netherrack Chunk (1/4th block of Netherrack)
  • Redstone Chunk (1/4th Redstone Dust)
  • Lapis Chunk (1/9th piece of Lapis)
  • Emerald Chip (1/9th Emerald)
  • Diamond Chip (1/9th Diamond)

Requires other Mods:

  • Copper Nugget (1/9th Copper Ingot)
  • Tin Nugget (1/9th Tin Ingot)
  • Silver Nugget (1/9th Silver Ingot)
  • Lead Nugget (1/9th Lead Ingot)
  • Aluminum Nugget (1/9th Aluminum Ingot) [It's also compatible with Aluminium.]
  • Nickel Nugget (1/9th Nickel Ingot) [Ferrous Metal in Thermal Expansion]
  • Platinum Nugget (1/9th Platinum Ingot) [Shiny Metal in Thermal Expansion]
  • Zinc Nugget (1/9th Zinc Ingot) [Used for Brass in some mods like GregTech or Metallurgy]
  • Titanium Nugget (1/9th Titanium Ingot) [for GregTech, and not much else]
  • Cobalt Nugget (1/9th Cobalt Ingot) [Tinker's Construct]
  • Ardite Nugget (1/9th Ardite Ingot) [Tinker's Construct]
  • Ruby Chip (1/9th Ruby)
  • Sapphire Chip (1/9th Sapphire)
  • Green Sapphire Chip (1/9th Green Sapphire)
  • Apatite Chip (1/9th Apatite) [Forestry]
  • Peat Chunk (1/4th Peat Brick) [Forestry]
  • Sulfur Pile (1/4th Sulfur Dust)
  • Saltpeter Pile (1/4th Saltpeter Dust)


You can do the following with absolutely no restrictions:

-Download and install this mod
-Upload YouTube videos of gameplay with this mod
-Make texturepacks for this mod
-Make mods that include features for this mod
-Decompile and view the source code of this mod

You can do the following if you mention the author's name somewhere obvious:

-Edit the source code of this mod and release it
-Use this mod's source code to help with your own mod
-Create updated versions of this mod for newer versions of Minecraft
-Include this mod in modpacks

-Changed: Built around Forge 678 instead of 608; should still be compatible with older versions
-Added: support for ThaumCraft 3's Amber (as a direct drop); has same chance as obsidian chunks and chips of ruby, sapphire, and green sapphire
-Added: an amber gem item for when TC3 is not installed; can be crafted back and forth with TC3 amber to interchange, and both are registered as gemAmber in the Ore Dictionary
-Added: support for Thermal Expansion's sulfur to be crafted to and from piles of sulfur
-Added: Jade chips at same chance as gold and silver; I don't know of any other mod that uses Jade but it's got the usual gem OreDict registrations and I plan on using it myself
-Added: support for Karuberu's Mud Mod, in the same way with mud blobs as Amber, but mud is more common, of course
-Added: Karuberu's Peat Bricks to "brickPeat" in the OreDictionary, allowing peat chunks to be crafted into them
-Changed: If the Resources module is disabled, the Sturdy Sifter can be crafted with gold nuggets instead of iron nuggets, though if another mod like ThaumCraft or Thermal Expansion or GregTech adds iron nuggets, you can still use those. If you disable Resources and don't have a mod that adds alumin(i)um nuggets, turn "Enable aluminum nuggets in Sifter Block recipe" in Enriched Gravel.cfg to false to use the other two recipes.
-"Added": Red Rock chunks. I wanted to do this in the original release but there was no OreDictionary for it, and I didn't want to do reflection right away. But now I am doing reflection, so you have throwable red rock chunks that are compatible with both ExtraBiomes and Biomes O'Plenty.
-Added: At the suggestion of Karuberu, a new API file, CustomSifterDropAPI, which allows modders to add extra functionality to the Sifter Block. It's now used internally to make sand blocks sift into 4 sand piles 9/10 times, and 3 sand piles and a clay ball 1/10 times. It's metadata-sensitive, and supports constant drops, random drops, and null drops (set the itemstack parameter's itemID to 0, like, new ItemStack(0, 0, 0)). Blocks don't have to naturally be affected by gravity for this to work at the moment.
-Fixed: handheld sifters not causing a block update, meaning gravel above a sifted block would float in mid-air
-Fixed: using a water or lava bucket on gravel giving a gravel bucket (I seriously thought the event was only fired by empty buckets... my bad)
-Added: Cracked Sand piles, compatible with EBXL
-Added: Sound effect to the Sifter Block


All types of enriched gravel appear as "Slightly enriched" with NEI's block identification thingy, and with the Pick Block feature. Consider this an exploit prevention.


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