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About Crossbows

SMP and old download links here:

Version 2.0
You need ModLoader and ModLoaderMp

Crossbows 2.0 is here! Crossbows now fire differently than bows and instead of explaining how, why don't you just see for yourself ;) . Crossbows fire a greater distance than bows and some bolts do more damage than arrows. The order the bolts fire in is; Obsidian, Diamond, Glass, Blaze, TNT, Iron, Stone, Gold, Wooden. Blaze bolts light mobs on fire. Lava Bolts (Created by the Lava Crossbow) light everything on fire. TNT Bolts just explode :) and glass bolts shatter on impact but do more damage.

NOTE:I decided against making the crossbows enchantable, because that would mess with base files and I would like this mod to be as compatible as possible.

Crossbow Info

  • All the crossbows have a higher velocity than the bow
  • Bolt damage is in comparison to the arrows
  • Wooden Crossbow - Same as the bow
  • Iron Crossbow - 768 durability
  • Gold Crossbow - 192 durability but higher velocity
  • Diamond Crossbow - 1536 durability
  • Large Crossbow - 768 durability, slower load time, highest velocity, double the change of a crit. hit (Can't fire wooden or glass bolts)
  • Crossbow Repeater - 384 durability, faster load time (almost instant) (Can't fire obsidian, iron, or stone bolts)
  • Lava Crossbow - 960 durability, creates lava bolts, lava bolts light everything on fire
  • Wooden Bolt - Same as the arrow
  • Iron - 2x damage
  • Gold - 1.5x damage
  • Diamond - 4x damage
  • Blaze Bolt - 3x damage lights mobs on fire
  • Stone Bolt - 1.5x damage
  • Glass Bolt - 4.3x damage breaks on impact
  • Obsidian Bolt - 5x damage
  • TNT Bolt - explodes on contact

How to Install

(Hard Way)
1. Place ModLoader and ModLoaderMp into the minecraft.jar file
2. Place the files from the "place in jar file" folder into minecraft.jar
4. Play!

(Easy Way)
1. Place ModLoader and ModLoaderMp into the minecraft.jar file
3. Place the Crossbows Zip file in the mods folder in .minecraft
4. Play!

1.Put ModLoaderMp in your minecraft_server.jar file
2.Place the files from this mod in there.
3.Run it!

Version History

V2.0 - Added Large Crossbow, Crossbow Repeater, Lava Crossbow, and TNT Bolts
V1.3 - Added Multiplayer Support!
V1.2 - Added 4 new bolt types and an extra secret.
1.1_0 - Now any bolt can be used by any crossbow
1.0_1 - Bugfixes. You now pick up the correct bolt. Also changed how the bolts are crafted.
1.0_0 - First Release

Known Bugs

  • When playing on a server with this mod, the bolts have a "wobble glitchy" effect.
  • The Crossbow "loaded" image doesn't display right in SMP.
  • In SMP Crossbows can be fired over and over, but only fire for real when the timer is reset.

See Overview Page


See Known Bugs


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