Tree Chopper

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  • Updated Feb 25, 2017
  • Created Aug 24, 2016
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About Tree Chopper

Tree Chopper is a simple mod, which allows chop down whole tree. The only thing you need to do is break the bottom block with an axe.

Stop breaking the tree block by block! Just destroy bottom the of trunk and the whole tree will chop down.. 

  • Tree Chopper is universal (clientside and serverside).
  • Supports mods (e.g. Biomes O' Plenty).
  • Can be deactivated by holding SHIFT.
  • Config with settings and list of allowed axes and types of wood.
  • In-game commands. Type "/treechop help" or "/tch help" for more info
  • Option to reverse function (chopping with SHIFT)

To ignore durability (a tree has more blocks than your axe is able to break), see config.

For printing UnlocalizedNames (used in config for logs and axes), use in-game command "/tch printname 1"

Please report any bug here

Recommended forge version: 1.11.2 - for MC 1.11.2

Recommended forge version: 1.10.2 - for MC 1.10.2

Link to Minecraft forum

Bug fixes
Reverse shift
Mod support

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