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About ViesCraft - Airships!

JEI "+" compatible!

 Current version: Release v5.0.10

1.12.2 - v5.0.10 uses Forge 2491+ : JAVA 8.

1.10.X - v5.0.10 uses Forge 2185+ : JAVA 8.


Old versions:

1.12.0 - v5.0.6 uses Forge 2387+ : JAVA 8.

1.11.2 - v5.0.10 uses Forge 2228+ : JAVA 8.

 1.11.0 - v4.8.2 uses Forge 2189+ : JAVA 8.

  1.9.4 - v4.8.2 uses Forge 1976+ : JAVA 8.


~It is always a great idea to give more than 1GB of RAM to Minecraft~


What is this mod?

ViesCraft is a light-weight, easy to use mod that brings something new to Minecraft, the ability to create highly customizable airships! Airships consume fuel to fly and have an expansion module system which can enhance any airship to fit your needs. 


Take your Airship experience a step further by choosing between:

- 4 Unique model types

- 30 Different frames

- 27 Balloon patterns

- Any Balloon colors

- 11 Airship modules


Each frame type will dictate the base speed and max altitude the airships can achieve. Each model type (v1-v4) only affects appearance! Fly your faction's colors, change your frame appearance and just explore your world in style. Sky's the limit!


I also added a special little item called the Dismounter.

Have mobs/animals in your airships, minecarts, etc? Use this item to safely get them out!


Mod review!


Note for servers, you must enable flying in the server configs!




For recipes, check out the in-game guidebooks or JEI. 

 Please remember, when using any mod, to back up your worlds! Say "no" to lost world saves.




  • - Airship pronunciations: Viesdenburg [Vise-den-berg], Viesigible [Vie-sij-ible], Viesepelin [ Vie-sep-lyn], Viesakron [ Vise-ah-cron].
  • - Use any vanilla fuel source to power any airship except for buckets of lava (by design). These items will burn for their vanilla burn times.
  • - All mod items except for the guide books and the Airship Workbench must be crafted in the Airship Workbench.
  • - The GUI for an airship can only be accessed by the steering player while mounted in the airship.
  • - When an airship runs out of fuel, it will not be able to elevate. All motion controls becomes stiffer and slower as well as it gradually descends. Pro Tip: Don't be over water or lava!
  • - If an airship is empty, it will float slowly at an increasing speed back to the ground. No need to worry about a fully fueled airship taking an hour to float back down, unless an animal is in it...
  • - While in a multiplayer server, if you are in an airship and log out, your airship will disappear with you. The server restarting has no effect on this. When you log back in, you will still be in your airship and still be flying. However, if you have any passengers and log out, they will assume control and you will drop out of the airship when you log back in...
  • - If an airship is destroyed by either water damage, creative destruction, or just the regular way to break the airship back into an item, any module inventory contents will be dropped on the ground! Make sure you have enough room to get all of your items!
  • - Config airship name strings are only taken from the Client. Setting it on the server makes no difference!
  • - Airships hate water! When you submerge it enough, it will start to smoke. If you do not get out in time, it will explode with a chance of dropping random parts. This will hurt...


Note for Modpack Creators

Everyone is free to use this mod in any modpack they want. I only ask that you give me credit (Viesis), don't make money off of it (keeping it free), and have a link back to this site (if you can). Otherwis, have fun with it!


Mod Future

 Anything that is Struckthrough is done and ready to go.

I am adding the following next update:

 I am redesigning my mod! I was going to add more frames, version models, etc, but realized that there are just too many of them and the progression isn't really how I like it. The improvements are too numerous and are so minor that you really can't see a difference when progressively updating. Time to solve that issue...



I am making a new "Tier" system to replace the current "Frame" system. There will be 5 Tiers, each with their own default speed modifier and max altitude which will be noticeable.  Each airship will also have a default, more mechanical skin. From there, you will be able to set your airship appearance in the GUI to customize your airship looks, without sacrificing anything! So far I will be expanding the appearance system to have 64 frames to choose from! Each Tier will have its own set of available skins and will inherit the previous tiers on top of its own skins. As of now, there is no cost to do this but that could change, maybe! ;)


"Wait, will my airship speeds be changing?!"

Yes, but that is a good thing! I have heard from a lot of people that they have a need for speed. Though you can set airship speeds to be faster by certain %s in the configs, players want more. In the new speed system going in, airships will be faster! Let's put it this way, there are 5 Tiers. The fastest old Mythic Frame speed is equal to the new Tier 3 base speed...


"Does this mean that my current airships will vanish?!"

NOPE!!! Any Frames already made can be put into a crafting table to retrieve the equivalent "Tier Core" airship upgrade. All airships currently out will already be using this new system (remember last update's "behind the scenes" changes? :D ) . All airships already in item form will have a new texture telling you to throw it and spawn your airship! Once broken back into an item, you will get the new correct airship item back! I expect this to be a smoooooooooth transition!


"What Minecraft versions will this update be available for?!"

Currently I plan on revamping my 1.10.X and the newest 1.12.2 versions. I will look back through my releases and if I see any other versions that were popular (like maybe 1.11.2) and I feel rambunctious enough, I will release the upcoming update and all previous updates to that version!


After all of that is done, I have two more model airships in mind.  Since the v4 airship is kind of a remake of the v1, why not do that for the other two!?



Later down the pipe:

- Once that is done, I will work on adding something special for having my up and coming new mod with the airship mod. I plan on adding 9 new special frame particles for each of my elemental gemstones, as an added bonus. :)

- An addition to my fuel system.  I want to use the forge energy system and tesla.  Maybe even a Viesergy Battery.  Haha! 

1. Make a battery item that can hold tesla/forge energy.

2. Make a basic tile entity that can charge the battery.

3. Make airships be able to use the stored energy in the battery to fly. 


Got any suggestions? Let me know!


Also squashing any bugs that come up.

- New mod logo!
- A lot of behind the scenes airship changes. These changes will not be seen by players and will take affect when airships are respawned from items. Doing this to accommodate my future updates!

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