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  • Updated May 28, 2017
  • Created May 7, 2016
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About MultiStorage


*** ShetiPhianCore Required! ***


This mod adds Multiple types of storage;

Type /FruzstratedsGuide in-game for recipes and info.


Enderlink Chests

A dimensional storage; there contents are accessible from any other of the same color.

Storage can be expanded and made private.

(NOTE: private does not prevent people from opening the chest it only changes the network.)

There are 4096 shared networks and an additional 4096 private networks for each player.

Shift+Right-Click with a bag on a chest to link them, this allows for remote access to the chest.

 Hidden, Junk, Stacking

Hidden Storage (The rainbow one) Can look like nearly any block.

Shift must be held to open the inventory, else it will try to click on the original block.


Junkboxes (The half-slab) can store a large amount of items.

Downside is that only 16 slots are visible, Items will randomly switch upon opening the inventory.


Stacking chests can be 1, 2, or 3 blocks tall.

Opening from the front this allows for tight packing onto a wall.


These can all be upgraded once to double there inventory.

(NOTE: if Terraquous is in there are cloud variants of all inventories.)


A secure area that only you (and people you allow) can enter.

They can be as small as 4x4x4, and up to 16x16x16.

Items, Redstone, and Liquid can be passed through special walls.


 Submit localization files on github.

Do not post bugs in the comments, use the Issue Tracker.

1.11.0-1.3.7b Changelog

- Fixed the EnderLinkBag InventoryTweaks Crash

1.11.0-1.3.7 Changelog

- Added several enderlink config options (see 'EnderLink-Access-Settings' for new options)
- Added Team EnderLinkChests  and bags

- EnderLinkChests can now be rotated, and place rotated to the face clicked

- Fixed  a compatibility issue with Inventory Tweaks

- Added QueueChest (Honestly thought I did this last month, must have forgot to upload it)

-- items are stored in the order they are inserted

-- only the first and last slot can be accessed

-- Possible Usage

--- can be a First In Last Out buffer by only using the first slot

--- can be a First In First Out buffer by only inserting into the first slot, and extracting from the last


! Requires newest ShetiPhianCore (3.4.5+)
- Uses new Team functions recently added

- Uses new UnlistedNBTProperty recently added

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