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  • Supports: 1.11.2
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  • Updated Sep 3, 2017
  • Created Dec 23, 2015
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: More Fuels Mod 1.11.x v1.6.1
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About More Fuels Mod

More Fuels Mod


1.6.1 - The Lava Update



Asking nicely!






What this Mod Offers:

  • The ability to use many items as furnace fuel.
  • The ability to smelt rotten flesh into leather. (Enabled by default but can be disabled from config)
  • A full list of burnable items and their burn times in ticks and seconds is avaliable.


Check Out Our Official Wiki = Click Here


Items + Burn Times:

  • Burn Times for MC 1.11-1.8 have been migrated to the wiki. They will no longer be available on github. Please check there.
  • MC 1.7   = Click Here
  • MC 1.6   = Click Here

Minecraft Versions:

  • 1.6.4 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.7.2 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.7.10 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.8.0 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.8.8 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.8.9 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2 AND BETA RELEASE 1.5.2 (Available on GitHub)
  • 1.9.x Support is currently in Release 1.6.1
  • 1.10.x Support is currently in Release 1.6.1
  • 1.11.x Support is currently in Release 1.6.1
  • 1.12.x Support is not yet implemented


  •  I know it can be annoying, but please use the link to help support me on the way to your download! It is much appreciated and motivates me to continue development!
  • All Versions Available for Download: Here

Future Plans:

  • Make a random poison effect when smelting rotten flesh into leather because fumes for v1.6+ of the mod -Suggested by Saffroth
  • Make mod addons for mods to allow those mods to have improved/logical fuels as well. -Suggested by BritneyMc0206.

Known Bugs in Current Stable Release Version:

  • Missing some translations of new things added since 1.5.2

About the Developer (boredherobrine13):

  • I am a very young developer (about 16 years old) but I promise the best quality I can deliver.
  • I am very open to constructive criticism.
  • New to Minecraft modding (this being my first mod).
  • Contacts: Skype/Kik-boredherobrine13 [email protected]
  • Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, requests, or just to chat about anything.

Mod Packs:

  • I have no issue with this mod being used in a mod pack but please let me know before doing so and properly credit me in the pack.
  • FAQ PAQ by milomaz1: Here


  • If you use this mod on your server, send me a message or post and I will list the name and IP below!

YouTube Showcases:

  • I have no issues with YouTube features but please let me know and credit me in the video verbally and in the details. Post a link and I will come and check out the video.
  • Known Spotlights: 








Open Source:

  • Source code is hosted on github. Commits are appreciated. Also, I request that you commit or suggest changes rather than just forking it if you feel major changes need to be made, I am open to ideas :)
  • I would greatly appreciate some community help with this plugin if anyone is interested contact me at my contacts above or commit and I will review it.
  • Each version has its own repository so that I can develop them all at the same time without interfering and maintain a SEPERATE CODEBASE FOR EACH VERSION.

Github Source:


Development Builds:

  • Development builds are now available on github!
  • Note that these are not approved by curseforge so use them at your own risk.
  • Each Version of Minecraft has its own SEPERATE dev builds.
  • Also note that some versions may be lacking in features and complete functionality is not guaranteed
  • Make sure to read the dev changelogs before you use a dev build.
  • Note: Versions 1.7.2, 1.8.0, 1.8.8, and 1.9.0 do not have dev builds because they are just 1.7.10, 1.8.9, and 1.9.4 builds compiled to WORK on those versions.

Dev Builds:






-Compiled against up to date forge builds (1.9.4 - b2051), (1.10.2 - b2422), (1.11.2 - b2454)

-Fixed texture issue occurring across MC 1.9-1.11 on v1.6.0

-Changed modid to "morefuelsmod" across the board to make porting in the future easier for me!

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