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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: 1.11.2
  • 1,471,521 Total Downloads
  • Updated Jan 2, 2017
  • Created Nov 28, 2015
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Custom License
  • Newest File: Neat 1.4-13.jar

About Neat


Yes. That is a spin on Tidy Plates.


(full resolution


Neat is a mod that adds Unit Frames to the top of every entity. That image is a good example of it.



  • Fully client sided
  • Health bars only show up if the mob is not obstructed
  • Health bar color changes depending on the mob's health % (green to yellow to red)
  • Shows the mob's attribute (for Smite or Bane of Arthropods) and their armor
  • Groups up health bars for mob stacks (like spider of chicken jockeys)
  • Works with minecraft's Scoreboard Teams. Mobs and players in teams will have a colored name.
  • Configurable (both in and out of game)



Source Code

If you have any problems with the mod or just want to contact me, you can find me on Twitter (@Vazkii) or IRC (#vazkii on

Updated to 1.11.2

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