Immersive Engineering

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  • Updated May 9, 2017
  • Created Jun 24, 2015
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About Immersive Engineering

Immersive Engineering is a tech mod with a certain charm, based on the ideas and concepts, and with most assets created by Damien Hazard.


Overall, it's about realism-inspired technology:
Instead of glowing red tubes, it offers actual, hanging powerlines.
Instead of one block that magically spits out dusts when ore is put in, it offers a crusher, a big multiblock (5x3x3) that features rotating wheels and spits out particles as it breaks the ore.
Instead of a Laser that turns power into magical light and ores, it offers an Excavator, another massive, resource intensive, multiblock (3x7x8) which digs ores out of the ground with a big rotating bucketwheel.

IE is about making tech mods more balanced and more pretty, and adding its own twist by going for retro-futurism (think BioShock, Order 1886, SkyCaptain and the World of Tomorrow) rather than clinical white+grey future cubes.

It uses the RedstoneFlux API, known from RF Tools, BuildCraft, EnderIO and many other mods, but can be played fully standalone. Unlike other mods, IE does not use powertransfer via lanes of blocks, but instead via cables spanned between connectors.

The mod features Power Generation in forms of waterwheels, windmills, biodiesel and more and many of its machines are multiblocks!

For all your documentation needs, you should look into this mods ingame documentation, the Engineer's Manual, crafted with a book and a lever.

Modpack policy:
Go wild, as long as you do not monetize content that doesn't belong to you and abide the EULA ^^
And obviously, report your bugs on the issue tracker! :D

- added the Fluid Router. It does exactly what the Item Router does, but for fluids.
- added Crafttweaker integration for the Mixer
- added the Garden Cloche! It grows a variety of crops!
- added farming compatability for Actually Additions
- added farming compatability for Attained Drops
- added farming compatability for Mystical Agriculture
- added farming compatability for Harvestcraft
- added farming compatability for Better With Mods
- added farming compatability for Extra Utils
- added Chemthrower compatability for ThermalFoundation fluids
- added carpet, quarter and threequarter thicknesses for Concrete to make the fluid dry to more reasonable levels
- added a toggleable option to the Mixer to output all fluids instead of just the bottom one
- added placeable Toolboxes, they are fully accessible while placed
- added placeable Coresamples, these can be rightclicked with a map to set a marker to their origin
- added a visible chunk boundary when holding or looking at the Sample Drill
- added Redstone Wires to the API (thanks Malte)
- added a render reset hook to the API (thanks Malte)
- added the Covered Conveyor, preventing players from picking up items from it
- added a Conveyor unaffected by redstone
- added the Fluid Outlet. It puts fluids in the world!
- added OC compat for Mixer and BottlingMachine (thanks GuyRunningSouth)
- added a Villager Job to sell Shader Bags
- added a Crusher recipe to turn slag into sand
- added a special ItemFrame render for Blueprints
- added the ability to flip Powered Lanterns using the hammer
- added the option for Strip Curtains to output a strong RS signal
- added a sound to the Breaker Switch - Clearly the best feature of this update
- changed Razorwire to render extended wooden boards when stacked
- changed the Conductive debuff to apply to Teslacoil and Electro-Razorwire damage
- changed metal plates and Sheetmetal to be craftable for any IE-used metal
- changed Crafttweaker functions for Squeezer and Fermenter to feature input-based removal
- changed dropping Conveyors to use Iron Trapdoors rather than Hoppers in the recipe
- changed fluid potions to have reduced durations in the chemthrower
- fixed Concrete blocks not applying suffocation damage
- fixed some cartridges being allowed in turrets, fixes crash with Immersive Floofs
- fixed energy drain on eletrified bullets, reduced drain for multii-projectile cartridges
- fixed ownerless, tameable entities causing crashes in Turret targeting
- fixed item in- and outputs on Turrets being unavailable
- fixed manual entry for Razorwire
- fixed NullPointer on FluidStacks
- fixed Turntables and Hammers being able to rotate extended pistons, chests, beds, end portals and skulls
- fixed the Drill taking more damage than intended (thanks Malte)
- fixed the display of double arrays in the manual (thanks Malte)
- fixed lang file as per suggestions on github
- fixed Balloons and Redstone Connectors being invisible in the End
- fixed Chemthrower projectiles being set on fire even when the fluid isn't flammable
- fixed invalid connections being made possible due to splitting stacks (thanks Malte)
- fixed bounding boxes and wire offsets for transformers (thanks Malte)
- fixed transformers mistakenly having TESRs and accepting LV+MV wires in combination (thanks Malte)
- fixed the Potion fluid not having textures (thanks Malte)
- fixed ConcurrentModificationException on Crafttweaker reloads (thanks Malte)
- fixed the Mixer not working when its internal tank is filled (thanks Malte)
- fixed IE slag not being usable in ThermalExpansion recipes
- fixed the Turrets losing its inventory (thanks Malte)
- fixed NBT sensitive fluids not outputting from barrels properly (thanks Malte)
- fixed a dupebug of empty fluid containers in the Assembler
- fixed Assembler outputting damageable craftign items
- fixed missing sounds on IE explosions
- fixed Refinery dividing by 0 if timer config is adjusted downwards
- fixed AutoWorkbench not exposing the right slots to its item handler and rendering the wrong items
- fixed projectiles ignoring PvP protection within player teams
- fixed wires not being removed properly if TileDrops are off (thanks Malte)
- fixed floating Engineer's houses
- fixed broken Energy Storage tooltips
- fixed Metal Press not dropping its mold when broken
- fixed various double-size blocks deleting things above them
- fixed stuttering on Metal Press and Watermill (thanks Malte)
- fixed Relays connecting to energy accepting things, to make their role more obvious (thanks Malte)
- fixed resource reloading on TESRs (thanks Malte)
- fixed various Turret projectile issues (thanks Malte)
- fixed a Blast Furnace processing speed bug (thanks Malte)
- fixed Skyhook being a stupidly powerful weapon (thanks Malte)
- fixed the Crusher outputting to the wrong side
- Translations Added/Updated: ru_RU (lex1975) (this time for real, since I forgot it last time), zh_TW (xaxa123)
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