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  • Updated Jun 12, 2017
  • Created Nov 13, 2014
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About Extra Utilities

For more info and documentation see the main page on the Minecraft forums. here


- Right click a 'cursed' mob with a bucket of milk will cure the curse and prevent the mob from disappearing after a minute
- A transfer node with a mining upgrade will 'mine' snowballs from the small layer of snow a snowman is standing on (provided the biome temperature is low enough for the snowman to create snow)
- 'Press T to search nearby inventories for highlighted item' feature now has configurable keybinding and is not dependent on JEI
- Altered fire axe texture slightly
- Machines now recalculate current recipe on inventory changes
- Fix crash in the creative tab when the angel block is disabled
- Fix issue with internal set class incorrectly hashing entries (fixes numerous obscure bugs)
- Fix missing localization on creative tabs
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