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  • Updated Jul 24, 2017
  • Created Sep 17, 2014
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About Pokécube - Revival

Originally made by Manchou, Updated and Heavily modified by Thutmose, This mod adds pokemon to minecraft, in a way which is designed to fit the minecraft environment.  

The pokemobs are minecraft mob styled, and fight in a real-time combat system, with the ability to dynamically change moves, to use advanced tactics such as terrain advantages, as well as some features which allow them to interact with the world itself.  With a slight change of some of the default config options, you can use your pokemon to cut trees, dig holes and more.

See the thread on MCF for more details or join #Pokecube at irc.esper.net

You can also contact me here on Discord. 

For the 1.8,8+ versions, Pokecube Core is required.


Pokecube was Freely inspired by the Nintendo franchise 'Pokémon' and the video games developed by Game Freak.


Do not comment on the curse.com page for this, I do not get notified about those, so will not see them for several months. comment on the curseforge.com page instead.

Fixes trainers not rendering their belts.

Improves tooltip for DNA Selectors.

Updates to latest Pokecube Core.

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