Draconic Evolution

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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: 1.12
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  • Updated Sep 12, 2017
  • Created Aug 19, 2014
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  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: Draconic Evolution 1.12-
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About Draconic Evolution

1.10 Spotlight by Direwolf20


This is a mod that adds a lot of high tier items such as tools and armor as well as some high tier energy storage and a lot of other random features such as: //TODO Update this darn desription...

  • Teleportation
  • mob farming (spawning+killing)
  • player detection
  • Time and weather control
  • Powerful tools and armor
  • High tier energy storage (RF)

And much more with new features being added in each update.


1.10.2 is now in a "stable" release state. But it should be noted there is still a lot of content that needs to be updated. 



Mod Packs: As long as people are not required to pay in order to play your pack or anything like that you can do whatever you want.


For more info visit http://www.brandon3055.com/

(This website needs to be updated. For more info check out the ingame manual (The information tablet))

Feature Requests can be made here: http://www.brandon3055.com/suggestions/

(Also outdated. I am lolonger actively looking for new feature ideas but if you have an issue or a feature you really want to see in the mod feel free to post them on github. https://github.com/brandon3055/Draconic-Evolution/issues)

IRC Channel: #DraconicEvolution

Reddit: brandon3055

-Fixed mob grinder not updating its kill area when rotated with a wrench.
-Fixed edge case issue where magnet may duplicate xp orbs.
-Fixed potential edge case issue where the reactor gui JEI integration may crash.
-Fixed broken potentiometer placement.
-Fixed Fluid gate inserting into the wrong side of the target block which caused a crash when 2 fluid gates face each other.
-Fixed core not being consumed when stabilizing a spawner.
-Fixed energy pylon not supporting Forge Energy.
-Fixed mobs spawned by wyvern tier or higher spawner instantly despawning if no player is around. Mobs are now persistent for 30 seconds.
-Fixed placed items not respecting the config field to disable them.
-Added the Dislocation Normalization Field Projector (Prevents item dislocator collecting items within 5 blocks)

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