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  • Updated Jun 3, 2016
  • Created Jul 7, 2014
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About Automagy

An addon for Thaumcraft 4 and 5 (choose the correct download!) focused on providing flexible and interesting tools for automation and logistics, plus a few other fun thaumic gadgets.

For more details, screenshots, and video:

Please visit the MCF forum thread here. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

The long process of bringing Automagy to Minecraft 1.8.9 and Thaumcraft 5 has begun. Many features are being more or less ported from previous versions of Automagy but there will also be changes and entirely new features.

This is a "work in progress" build. As is always the case when installing or updating a mod, it is recommended that you first back up your worlds -- especially with these early builds.

Blocks and items found in-game that are not listed in this log may be only partially implemented. Use them at your own risk.

- Ported avarice pearl.
-- Now has its own research entry and does not shatter or deal damage to the player that throws it.
- Ported thirsty tank, thirsty tank glyphs.
-- Research requirements, some recipes adjusted.
-- Reservoir glyph now increases capacity by 32 buckets instead of 16.
-- Speed increase from Guzzler glyph improved.
- Ported milk (fluid), mushroom soup, vishroom soup.
-- Vishroom soup turns cows into mooshrooms more quickly.
- Attempt to fix issue where redcrystal doesn't update in reaction to changes in "weak" redstone power.

- Ported:
-- Hungry maw, finical maw.
- New:
-- Craft seal, runic recipe, golem workbench. (The workbench's name, appearance, and general purpose aren't new but the mechanics are different.)
-- Provide craft seal, supply seal.
-- Spitting maw.
-- Finical maw can now be made sensitive to redstone signals.

- Ported:
-- Slivers of magic.
-- All variants of redcrystal, Waila provider for redcrystal.
-- Hourglass, magic hourglass, Waila provider for hourglasses.
-- Redstone inversion torch.
-- Remote comparator.
-- Crystalline eye.
-- Enchanted paper, bound enchanting paper, enchanting bookshelf.
-- Runic whitelist, runic blacklist.
-- Tally box, tally box lenses.
-- Vishroom stew. (No research or soup.)
- New:
-- Shear seal and advanced shear seal.
-- The direction tally boxes output redstone signals can now be changed using a wand. Multiple directions can be used. You can even output into the block it is reading from.

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