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  • Updated Aug 11, 2016
  • Created Jun 28, 2014
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About Pam's HarvestCraft


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The 1.7.10 version of this mod includes:

60 new crops (including cotton for string)
12 garden bushes to find and harvest for crops that spread naturally
Pick up bushes or let them spread like mushrooms
36 fruit or item bearing trees
17 new fish (catch with normal fishing rod)
Water Garden drops clams, snails, crayfish, etc as well
Beekeeping (including candle blocks, presser machine, hardened leather armor)
1100+ new items and foods
Sheeps drop mutton, Squids drop calamari
Cooking tools, including two as separate blocks to craft in
Sink blocks that give infinite water sources a better look
Oven that cooks food twice as fast using cooking oil as fuel
Market block that allows you to buy seeds, saplings, farm animal spawn eggs, and bonemeal for emeralds
Use crop items to plant instead of seeds (like vanilla potatoes/carrots)
Turn buckets of water and milk into fresh versions for easy recipe use
Use tofu for vegetarian/vegan recipes
Thaumcraft 4 compatibility
MineFactoryReloaded compatibility
Mr. Crayfish's Furniture compatibility
Lang file support
Better overall mod support for auto-harvesting/etc
Everything is in the Ore Dictionary for other modders to use my items easily
Config file has options for everything!


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HarvestCraft 1.9.4-1.10.2b Cross Compatibility - Traps Update
- Fixed: Texture issues of last update
- Fixed: Rice, Cranberry, Seaweed seeds can now be crafted
- Fixed: Mustard, Sesame Seeds being considered seeds instead of food
- Fixed: Queen Bee (no durability) can finally be crafted into a Royal Jelly
- Fixed: Mature fruit logs now only drop the crop and not the crop and log.
- Config: cropsdropSeeds (default False): All crops now drop crops instead of crops and seeds by default. Set to true to have it drop like in version a.
- Changed: Pressing Soybean now gives Silken Tofu and Grain Bait
- Added: Ground and Water Traps (previously Animal and Fish Traps): Add veggie, grain, or fruit bait to Ground Traps surrounded by at least 5 dirt or grass blocks on the same Y level to get items or add fishtrap bait to Water Traps surrounded by at least 5 water blocks on the same Y level to get items.
- Added: Recipes to make grain, veggie, fruit, and fish baits (one string, three listAllgrain/listAllveggie/listAllfruit/listAllfishraw)
- Config: grain, veggie, fruit, fish baitrecipeamount (default 4): Change to increase the amount created by the four individual recipes.

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