White Castle

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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
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About White Castle

The Castle is made out of Snow and Pearlstone Bricks. Giving its name "White Castle". Most of the world is Hallow and Snow, but in the Underworld there is a large area of Corruption under the Hell bridge. It has a Goldfish farm, Bunny farm, Underground Mushroom and Jungle farm and also a Herb farm. There is also a good PVP dungeon under it. It's right above the Jungle farm.

Fixed some issues in the wiring. Added a snow dome to the left of the castle (Feel free to customize). Made the all items room complete. Added a tomb for the goblin (The Tinkerer keeps going there). Added a toilet (In my server I made a warp to there. Toilet + Warp + Misbehaving player = TORTURE)


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