[1.1.2]The Magma Canyon

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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
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About [1.1.2]The Magma Canyon


The Magma Canyon is a survival adventure map that let's you complete quests in a completely different world while you play Terraria normally.


A kingdom, fallen to the Eater of Worlds. It has sunken into the depths of the underworld. The King later returned as Wall of Flesh, and the Eater of Worlds has went to another world. Your player has died to the Wall of Flesh, but somehow appeared back in a canyon of magma due to the magic of the Wall of Flesh. You have spawned in one of the small remaining areas of the kingdom. Can you survive and get revenge on the Wall of Flesh?


Floating Islands
  1. Regular
  2. Jungle
  3. Corrupt/Hallow/Meteor
  4. Land Chunk
  5. Snow
  1. Underground Plains
  2. Mushroom
  3. Skeletron Arena
  4. Desert
Under Underground
  1. Caverns
  2. Sandy Caverns
  3. Mineshaft
  4. Lava Caverns
  5. Corrupted Underground
  6. Mini Mushroom Field
  7. Shroom Path
  8. Buried City
  9. Crystalial Caverns
  1. Sky Climb
  2. Lavatube(Basic Terraria)
  1. Pyramid Run
  2. Abandoned Ruins


  • Don't place/remove blocks in the Sky Climb or Pyramid Run areas


  • You only get 200 wood at startup, use it wisely. You can't grow any trees unless you get to the floating island, which should be a goal at start.
  • Get a merchant and other NPCs as fast as possible. They will be useful.





All bugfixes are done, everything is balanced, including multiplayer, now! Me and a friend have did a full playthrough of the map, and I also did one in single player! After that, I'm sure there's no more bugs. ;) Along with that, I've balanced the map too! It's not not as easy to fall, and there are signs hinting where to go. I even adjusted the multiplayer version's insane spawnrate habit with slimes.

  1. Multiplayer: Added stone background walls to lower spawnrate in some areas
  2. Added a dirt/stone wall background to the main island so you don't get overloaded with slimes the moment you spawn
  3. Fixed lack of items in dungeon/floating island chests
  4. Multiplayer: Fixed dungeon problems
  5. Updated signs at spawn
  6. Fixed wall mistake in Sky Climb
  7. Fixed not being able to escape the pyramid without placing blocks
  8. Added platforms to the Eater of Worlds arena
  9. Made it so that jungle mobs don't spawn outside of the jungle
  10. Added tips sign
  11. Marked where the dungeon is and where there's nothing left to find in a certain direction
  12. Added .bak files for the people who are having errors(Me and my friends weren't, I got no idea why some people were)


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