Pyramid Adventure

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  • Updated Nov 4, 2013
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About Pyramid Adventure

Pyramid Adventure is exactly as the title suggests - a puzzle adventure in a pyramid underground, for single players only. Your goal is to reach the gold throne room and the prizes that await! But to get there you will be required to avoid traps and solve puzzles using items you collect on your way through the pyramid. can you solve the riddles and survive? Only one way to find out! Pyramid Adventure


1. Candle at the start is now nearer the entrance hole so you pick it up automatically. 2. Sand placed on the floor at the demon statue as a hint to use the sand block there.


1. Removed the lever for the first small lava pit and removed the lever to climb up to the glass jar of water. These were removed because of a potential exploit. It was possible to save and quit after releasing the water (and using the wood) to return to the glass jar and remove the wood, so being able to use the wood elsewhere to circumvent some of the later puzzles.


1. Removed the candle from the entrance and put it in the chest at the start instead due to issues where the candle can vanish especially if saving and quitting before picking it up. 2. Made a one-time switch trigger for the door leading out from the dark water maze to the spike pits. Now it doesn't open and close on the 1 second timer with the lights. It will stay open allowing passage through, in the event you save and quit after the dark water maze. 3. Some wood platforms added to the dark water maze.


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