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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
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About PacMap PvP

PacMap Arena is another Terraria PVP map, from H[R]G, inspired by the Pac-Man arcade game released in 1980.

NOTE: Make a BACKUP COPY of the world file for easy restoration of starter chests. Copy your backup file and paste it to your world’s folder and overwrite to restore.

Suggested Rulesets:

You could have at least one extra person to act as the moderator/referee. This person can keep score, time, and give you a countdown before starting the match however he wants to start it.

Hardcore CTG (3v3 / 4v4 / 5v5) • New Hardcore Characters • Trash starting items • Chose teams and collect your chest items • Use beds to set spawn for the team you are on • Ref starts match however he wants • Use your favorite mana weapon to pew pew and melt faces • Use Resto Pots(2) or Sunfury if you fall short of mana • Match ends when both gems are placed in one chest -or- The last man standing.

The Pac Arena • Either New Softcore Characters or your favorite PvP Characters • There are chests provided if you choose a new Character • Ref (if there is one) starts the match • Have Fun

2-18-12 : Release


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