Murder in Tumbleweed

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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
  • Created Jul 26, 2011
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About Murder in Tumbleweed

Take your place as the new sheriff in the small town of Tumbleweed. It is usually a sleepy little place, but your first day on the job there is a murder to solve!

Map type: Single player adventure
Length: Short
Difficulty: Easy

Map Rules:
1.) Make a new character.
2.) No breaking blocks unless told to do so.
3.) Leave your starter gear - you won't need it!
4.) No buying or crafting anything but health potions.
5.) Good luck, follow the signs, and have fun!

Optional: Take the water candle above the door for added challenge!

For an easier version or for multiplayer support please see the map's thread in the terraria forums.

Updated chest in EoC room to include a few pieces of ore in case the boss decides to be stingy.


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