Metal Terraria

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  • Updated Nov 3, 2013
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About Metal Terraria

You woke up on a house,alone,on a full filled dangerous world,but the eerie thing,is that theres a chasm near the house filled with lava,but you need to get your weapons and armors to try to reach your home.

You can play this map solo or with another player.You must start a new character,and throw the initial items on the lava,you can keep the carrot,and must get the items on the chest on the place you spawned,be fast,because the garmy is coming. When you reach the underworld,you must summon the Wall of Flesh,in order to continue the game,but don't think the battle will be easy.

When you reach your home,in order to use the pickaxe you got,you must complete the Hallow's quest,and find the Hallowed armor. But where you will find it?I will not tell!

You start here

Change Logs: V2

  • Removed hardmode from the beggining of the game.
  • Fixed the incorrect parts of the hardmode sets(there's no mage or fighter on the game).

Download the map,and extract on the terraria maps folder. Change Log

  • Disabled Hardmode on the beggining of the game(why i turned it on?).
  • Fixed the hardmode equipments with wrong helmets(there's no fighter or mage on the map,since i know.)


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