Curse of Evokas

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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
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About Curse of Evokas

You and your band of heroes have been summoned to the island of of Evokas, where you encounter a legion of monsters. You must now save the land.


- Up to 4 players! - Extremely difficult! (has been compared to that of Demon's Souls) - Features four playable classes and many dungeons to explore! - Emphasis on gameplay and combat!


1. You cannot place any blocks. 2. You can only mine meteorite. 3. Use a brand new character. (This is universal for most adventure maps.) 4. You can not craft anything from items dropped by monsters unless specified. 5. You can take items from only one class chest. Items obtained from classes cannot be traded. 6. You can only buy potions or ammo from NPC's. (ammo, shurikens, etc.)


- IF PLAYING ALONE, USE HOST AND PLAY. For some reason, singleplayer is extremely laggy. -Multiplayer is usually more fun. - Suggested 3-4 players. - If you cannot progress, you might have missed a crafting item to progress. - Read all of the signs. - Use beds. A lot. - Use softcore. - You may reforge things once you get to that point. - Save up money for ammo, especially as one of the ranged classes. - Keep trying. - Communicate. - Do most things in the day. - Watch out for traps. - Use color lighting. - Barrels are lootable. - Run as fast as you can. - Make a playthrough of this. - Complain, especially to the creator. - Have fun!

1.0 - Uploaded!

1.0.1 - Decreased world size. Stopped possessed armors and toxic sludges from spawning in the mines. Stopped vulturs and mummies from spawning on the coast.

1.0.2 - Removed some uncessary walls. Fixed some bugs. Added a few new signs. Added two new small treasure rooms. Added more ammo for the flamethrower.


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