The Dryads Secret Part 1

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About The Dryads Secret Part 1

Rules: You have to start a brand new character. Once you pick a class [Hero/survivor] You must stick with them classes throughout the map. You may NOT share items from your survivor/Hero Chests. They must remain exclusive to your class. You may only mine Stone blocks. No placing any kind of blocks or platforms or digging anything other than stone. You may purify Ebonstone blocks with purification powder. You may place torches but you may not take torches that are placed by default. Have fun. :)

Info: This is a 2 Player co-op map. It has strictly been made with the co-op parts implemented to suit the accessories given. In other words, you need a friend to play this along with. This can be done with one player, or three players, but the map was not designed this way.

We have worked on this map [ugratonty and me] for the past week and a half I believe. We have spent a lot of time on this map, and it has undergone a lot of testing so far. There may be little updates to the map to either increase or decrease difficulty or fix bugs in the future depending on the feedback received, but so far we are happy with it.

Parts 2&3

The map we have uploaded, is only part one so far. This adventure map is split up into 3 parts, and this is just the first part. Eventually, all 3 parts will be on this one map, and we expect the next installments to have many more puzzles and quests to do than part 1. We don't currently have a time frame in which we're going to do them by, but it will be at LEAST twice the size of part 1, and that is a promise.

Highscores: We have a diamond scoring system in part one. We are not sure how well this works because we realise people could cheat, or even just lie, so I don't think we're going to do a highscore board. But, if you would like to post your legit score in a post, that would be appreciated. There are quite a lot of secret parts in this map, which have a small stash of diamonds in. So can you find them all?

Storyline: So far, you'll have to play the map to get involved with the storyline. At this moment, we are completely unsure about the storyline and whether people will take to it [or even read it] or not. But I hope we can get some feedback about the storyline as much as everything else, because we have very exciting ideas lined up for part 2&3, but we would like to know what is missing from the storyline from part 1. Though, I shall leave you with this.

The ancients have left this corrupted world. They passed down the last of their magic to the Dryads in a vein attempt to destroy corruption. The corruption have come in their numbers over the top of the ancient wall and are invading the Dryads sacred land. The Dryad could only run so far before... Before... -

Credit: We'd also like to say a huge thank you for the people who Beta tested this map! Testers include: Morladim JacZac deadmanwalksz Dracovis ChuckHale

Part 1 complete.


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