The Corruption of a World

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  • Newest File: The Corruption of a World v2.0 (Updated for Terraria 1.1!)

About The Corruption of a World

Version 2.0 adds many features from the Terraria 1.1 update, check that they have approved the this version before downloading so that you will get the right one!

An adventure map consisting of 3 worlds in which you fight off the constantly spreading corruption, aim to defeat the source of corruption once and for all, and ultimately save the world from its greatest evil. A lot of work went into this map so please leave feedback on anything you liked/disliked or any problems that you faced so that I can fix it.

This map supports up to 4 player co-op, but you will need to share the weapons/armor because they are limited so that it isn't too easy. The Calm Before the Storm

Shrine of Mt. Miterra

The Corrupted Lands

9/25/2011 Version 1.0 is released 11/7/2011 Map 1: -Got rid of many blatantly obvious chests, I want the player to be happy that they found a diamond and not for them to go "Oh, ANOTHER DIAMOND" because of the sheer amount of ones that they just casually pass -Added in some more difficult to find chests -Made it clear in a sign of where the player is meant to go after getting hermes boots -Made the first jump with hermes boots slightly easier -Second and third jumps with hermes boots not longer result in death upon failure -Updated signs that explain the golden key usage to sound less mechanical -Updated sign on floating island to ensure that players know to jump back on to the mountain and added an invisible wall preventing them from jumping the other way -Got rid of the chest with flippers in the ocean

Map 2: -Got rid of chest with flippers in the ocean -Fixed the bed breaking in Liretta when removing glass -Got rid of some naturally occurring clay that hid no secrets -Got rid of some more blatantly obvious chests -Made it easier to get to the checkpoint in the cave of corruption -Made jumps in the chasm after the cave of corruption easier to navigate -Filled in unintentional cave entrance in front of the obsidian shrine -Added extra arrows for those who choose to do the combat challenge at the obsidian shrine -Fixed bed breaking in the entrance to the mansion -Opened up the bottom room in the mansion to make the boss fight easier/faster

Map 3: -Got rid of chest with flippers in the ocean... again -Got rid of some chests that were duplicates of ones in map 1 -Got rid of more blatantly obvious chests -Added some harder to find chests -Filled in an unintentional cave entrance in the jungle -Made area just before hell shrine easier to navigate -Added demon altar at the start of the hell shrine for anyone that wishes to use it for crafting...

12/12/2011 Map 1:

-Added in warrior/sorcerer/ranger stones for players to choose from at start -Jump puzzle in copper shrine is now timed jumps, RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT -Added "trap" when entering for treasure on floating island -Added some switches/traps into the mine shaft -Added traps and secret passages to cave under church -Added more than just a chest to secret passage in the mine shaft, it is an area with a small sidequest

Map 2:

-Added flashing lights in a house at first village -Added in a switch puzzle in the underground corruption cave -Added some switch puzzles to the obsidian shrine jump section Changed checkpoint in obsidian shrine jump section

Map 3:

-Added in some wire works for hidden chests

Note: Not many new items were added because most of them are high leveled and do not fit the difficulty level of this map. I am in the planning stage of a sequel to this map which will have been created specifically with Terraria 1.1 in mind.


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