The Bridge v106 +Zero

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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
  • Created Aug 20, 2011
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About The Bridge v106 +Zero

A huge bridge in a small world, bare bone base recommended for players starting a fresh new character. Fill it with the desired furniture and decorate the interiors. Many empty rooms could be found throughout the base.

Now updated with Zero from Megaman X Series! Please see file "The Bridge v106Z" for the version with Zero.

As for furnitures, you will only find 1 table, chair, furnace, some empty chests and basic lightings placed, nothing more. NO boss has being triggered/summoned/defeated. Only your favourite npc, "Guide" has arrived.

World is generated on version v1.0.6, small sized.

Extra care has being taken to prevent damage/changes to the generated world. It is mostly untouched, apart from the work done on the very surface to accomodate the base. (no loot taken/deposited) ..ok i broke one clay vase in the process, chopped some trees, set off a few dynamites, planted a jungle pool just beside the base.. thats all!

Alternative thread on TerrariaOnline:

2nd Release. Now with Zero from Megaman X series. Please see screenshot.

To install, locate and extract the file "worldX.wld" from the zipped folder. Replace the "X" of the filename with number (ie 1, 2 or 3 etc) eg, if you have 3 existing worlds, you may rename "worldX.wld" to "world4.wld" so that it would appear as the 4th world in-game. The file should be dumped into "C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds".


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