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About BillyCrash100's World

It's a medium sized world and it has all the NPCs! It has got borders, and a tower at each side, a hellavator, and many chest with useful items! I also made some Castle Ruins, and there's a sky bridge above the house, which protects it from meteorites. Did I mention the the Hallow and the Corruption can't reach it?

By the way, everything is made by me. No other programs or hacks or anything.

If you got any suggestions, comment below :)

v1.0 - Uploaded it!

v1.0.1 - Made some small changes. Also added a nice surprise, near Arthur's grave.

v1.0.2 - Now everything in the borders is normal! (No Hallow and stuff). Moved the pots to the roof and made a little greenhouse with torches and a switch. Added some colorful torches on the Mushroom thingy. Made some more small changes.

v1.0.3 - Added switches everywhere (in the house and even at the Border Towers). Made more changes. I also made a small toilet room at the left, but it doesn't looks the same after that Werewolf got in...

v1.0.4 - Ok, this is a big update, so I might forget a thing or two...Added some floating stuff above the house, a Water Generator and more cool stuff. Changed the Bathroom's style. Improved the Border Towers. Also moved some stuff (moved the ore bars to the chest above the Adamantite Forge). Found some statues! Made more small changes.


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