Zombies Attack

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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
  • Created May 30, 2010
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About Zombies Attack

Defend against hordes of zombies until rescue arrives! Eight players control a Human, and Two control a Super Zombie.

- Use abilities with Q, W, E, and R.

- Quick select your Human with 1, and purchase upgrades with 2.

- When a Human dies, he becomes a Super Zombie.

- When a Super Zombie kills 2 Humans without dying, he is redeemed as a Human.

- The game ends when all humans are dead, or 15 minutes has passed.

Here is a simple video of the map in action. The video is filmed with only one player to show off basic mechanics. With a full team of players, the game is far more interesting and fun.

Zombie Attack Loading Screen

- Now 5 upgrades for Humans instead of 3.
- Rebalanced the Super Zombies' health to 120, up from 100.
- Added timed upgrades for Zombies and Super Zombies, to match the progression of Humans.
- Added a fourth entrance to the upper level of the Human spawn, to make it more difficult to defend.
- Added something else, but players will have to find that for themselves.
- Fixed a bug causing the game to end when there were still Humans alive.


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