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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
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  • Newest File: Unit Tester Online v0.97 (North America)

About Unit Tester

A map where you can easily create and test out units. Get to know exactly what composition works great against what!

Unit Tester Online v0.97 - updated Dec 17, 2011

Unit tester for one or two players. Easy to use unit creator, resource spending tracker, different arenas, and many options. Compare unit compositions and costs, or practice your micro with friends.

To play the map online:

  • Search for keyword "online"
  • NA server: "Unit Tester Online" published by Killer
  • EU server: "[Official] Unit Tester Online" published by Westberg
  • SEA server: "[Official] Unit Tester" published by EpicZergling
  • other server: We need help publishing! Contact me for latest versions!

To play the map offline:

  • Download TheUnitTester.SC2Map from the right side.
  • Choose from "North America" or "International" versions, depending on your client.
  • Drag TheUnitTester.SCMap over Starcraft II to open with the Blizzard Launcher


Create units Choose options Attack!


  • XGDragon - original map author, created map during Beta
  • EyeSeeEm - updated map from Beta to Release
  • Trylobot - reused some of his excellent code from Mock Battle
  • Hunter - updated map from Release to current

Email comments and suggestions to [email protected].

-save/load: can now save positions before attack
-save/load: new buttons for attack and autosave
-save/load: buttons highlight when in use
-options: observer panel for showing APM
-neutral structures: can be built be Protoss Builder
-bugfix: patch changed some editor values for Zerg


-save/load: now stored in player 1 bank
-save/load: save files include description field
-attack dialog now includes icons and text
-battle report added with statistics for winning player
-optimization: leaderboard rewritten for efficiency
-optimization: removed waits for faster execution
-optimization: zerg builder works better during lag
-bugfix: "mirror" current player is now player who created or removed last unit
-bugfix: "Xel'Naga tower" is back and working


-help screen available (F12 menu)
-option to disable fast creep (options submenu)
-five new terrains added (terrain submenu)
-tooltips for research include costs (minerals, vespene, time)
-bugfix: units attacking high ground without vision
-bugfix: energy button stack overflow error
-bugfix: switch causing some buildings to become invisible
-bugfix: respawn not updating terrain changes in attack mode
-bugfix: creep tumor incorrect footprint
-bugfix: using structure's attack corrupted leaderboard
-bugfix: computer automatically used abilities


unit creator
-Unit creator has been completely redesigned
-Dual creator windows can be used independently by two players
-Upgrades are now found in unit creator instead of buildings
-Unit tooltips show unit cost and description
-Upgrade tooltips show description
-Text confirmation when creating units or researching upgrades
-Race builders are now accessible during unit creator
-Leaderboard now tracks buildings created during unit creator

save/load dialog
-Save / load feature added
-Nine available save slots
-Save states do not persist from game to game
-Use F10 menu to save states permanently
-Units and buildings, including position, can be saved
-Upgrades are automatically saved, manually loaded with shift key
-Respawn and redo buttons now use save/load triggers

attack dialog
-Attack panel icons replaced by text
-Terrain "Natural" redesigned to allow attack by ground
-Terrain icons replaced by text
-Upgrade button compatible with new unit creator
-Upgrade button redesigned to be on/off
-Revealers now enabled for players 3-8
-Cameras now enabled for players 3-8

bug fixes
-Triggers no longer destroy ladder map resources
-Upgrade button no longer researches derelict upgrades

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