Starcraft Prologue Remake

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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
  • Created May 3, 2010
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  • Release Type: Beta
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  • Newest File: Starcraft Prologue Remake v.0.5

About Starcraft Prologue Remake

This is a remake of the first original Starcraft prologue map (excluding the tutorial).

I tried to stay true to the original map while adding some extra spice to it.

Features day/night cycles, short cinematics, original tech tree, and build/attack AI.

I would appriciate any feedback you can give me and please say if you want more of these maps.

The map is currently in beta.

The map now contains the original tech tree INCLUDING the firebat.

Things missing in the map:

- Lip synch (not sure how to do this yet)

I hope you enjoy.

New version has a lot of changes. Please see the changelog for an almost full list.

Thanks to Vailreth for adding the Firebat, and other data-editor changes :)

- Localizations should now hopefully be fixed again. (Please tell me if there are still localization problems)

- Player starts with less minerals

- The zerg won't overrun the play too early in the game

- Various improvements to the cinematics

- Cinematics can now be skipped (by pressing the ESC-key)

- Cinematics now hide all parts of the UI and alert sounds

- The ghosts will no longer stick around after the zerg are dead

- Disabled part of the tech tree

- Added the Academy (Ghost Academy model) with the original upgrades

- Added the Firebat. (Thanks to Vailreth) It is buildable from the Barracks, and requires an Academy to build. It is able to use stim packs.

- Removed the useless hint

- Optimized triggers

- Some cosmetic changes

AI changes:
- The AI will now defend its base better and more fiercely
(Note that the attack unit composition hasn't changed)

- More waves added to the AI. It also starts producing faster a while into the game

- The time between the first and second wave has increased, to make it easier in the beginning.

- Some dialogue fixes

- Added skybox

- Added terrain outside the map bounds to look better in cinematics

- Added more localizations (all localizations should work now without problem)

- Changed player names

- Sounds don't end abruptly anymore before the second cinematic

- Added a minor fun event somewhere

- Fixed a few bugs, exploits and pathing issues


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