Speed Chess

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  • Updated Nov 2, 2013
  • Created Jun 29, 2010
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Speed Chess v0.3.1

About Speed Chess

SpeedChess is a realtime chess type map. That means it is much like chess, only in realtime! No more waiting for the enemys turn! It was inspired by Tempest Chess (if you dont know it, look it up).

Instead of moving the figures in the classic turn-based style you can move a figure whenever you want. After you move a figure it cannot move again for 5 seconds (a bar will show up on these figures, showing the cooldown).

Use the right mouse button for moving. Right click on a figure, drag the mouse to the field where you want to move and release it again.

In addition to the normal chess features, this map also has a 2on2 mode where 4 players are playing on one board. 2on2 Mode


  • This map is currently just a proof of concept. I need to test it on Bnet with multiple people.
  • For testing purposes a really bad Ai is playing the other players, so you can play it alone (well, you will most likely win all the time)
  • This map was 99.9% done in Andromeda
  • Not all moves possible in normal chess are implemented, only the basic stuff
  • This map (v0.3.1) should work correctly with the new patch, tell me if it doesnt


  • All chess moves
  • Test on Bnet
  • Extended mode with different stats per race
  • Localization (no more PARAM/VALUE)
  • ffa mode (takes longer than I thought)
  • Bugfixes for new patch - it should now be working correctly with the new patch
  • Changed Zerg Knight from Roach to Mutalisk
  • 2on2 Mode!
  • Lobby!
  • some terrain fancyness
  • Code changes in preparation for the 2v2 field
  • AI is a little bit smarter
  • Promotion of Pawns is implemented. If a Pawn reaches the other side it is transformed to a Queen
  • Fixed: flickering visualization of valid moves

initial release


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