SC1 Remake - Terran Campaign

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  • Updated Sep 8, 2010
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About SC1 Remake - Terran Campaign

Slowly but surely, I'm recreating all of the original StarCraft Terran Campaign missions in no particular order. New maps, new textures, fresh look, original sounds, original decals, original Tech Tree with some variants, new secondary objectives to give the missions more substance and hopefully make it more challenging. Enjoy, and please, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Changes: 08/09/2010

  • Urgent: Need someone good with dialogs to take a look at my briefing triggers and help me figure out why the Replay button isn't working exactly as it should!
  • Added T02 - Backwater Station mission; please test and let me know if you find any bugs or any balance issues!

==== Changes: 04/09/2010 ====

* implemented new briefing UI; same briefing from SC1, overhauled the look.
* fixed the speech volume

==== Changes: 03/09/2010 ====

    * updated enemy AI to be moderately difficult
    * added attack waves
    * made minor changes to intro sequences
    * fixed minor pathing issues
    * modified starting technologies for better balance and challenge
    * fixed minor tech tree discrepancies
    * added new defeat condition
    * minor aesthetic changes

==== Feedback Requested: ====

* I need to know how challenging you find the map so it can be adjusted accordingly
* if any glitches/pathing errors/trigger failures are discovered, please comment
* I'm **still** trying to build a nice briefing room to replicate the SC1 loadout... any tips would be great.


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