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  • StarCraft II
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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
  • Created Jun 17, 2010
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: Reflex TE v0.1
  • Newest File: Reflex TE v0.3

About Reflex TE

This map is supposed to help you train your mouse precision. This is a very early version and there are certainly bugs / not properly balanced aspects / etc.

Please send me your feedback.

v 0.3: - Fundamental change in targeting system - Map is now divided into Game Mode and Practice Mode - Left click and right click targets implemented v0.2.1: - Implemented Bonus Units and various improvements.

v0.2.0: - Implemented Text Tags (Thanks to monkh from Added Dialog boxes for starting, give up, level up and level down. Use alt+q for level down or alt+w for level up. Use alt+s to cycle through different firing sounds.

v0.1.7: - Got rid of the text spam when hitting "+" multiple times.

v0.1.6: - Adjusted spawn region. Hid Resources/Supply/Menu Frames. Changed background texture. Changed Sound. Increased Difficulty.

v0.1.5: - Rudimentary "Clicks per Minute" Meter added, to give you an idea of how fast targets are spawning. More of a gimmick though...

v0.1.4: - Localized version online.

v0.1.3: - Changed Sound when firing.

v0.1.2: - Changed Background. New Model for the targets. Improved Highlighting / Selecting behaviour (disabled).

v0.1.1: - Fixed an error where you get Fails although you didn't fail. Added commands: Type "+" to increase level by one (Resets fails for now, will be changed).

v0.1: -Map uploaded.

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