The New Syndicate Episode 1: The Fortress

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  • Updated Nov 1, 2013
  • Created Jun 2, 2010
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  • Newest File: The Fortress v 1.2

About The New Syndicate Episode 1: The Fortress

'The Fortress' is the first episode in a series of four maps, together creating the story of 'The New Syndicate'.

'The Fortress' is pretty much what you'd expect from a campaign map, with some new ideas and a fairly written story. The first episode is a sort of introduction, thus not much of the storyline is revealed as of yet. The following episodes will be uploaded as soon as I finish creating them.


v 1.2

- Fixed a bug with cut-scene dialogs

v 1.1

- Fixed a bug related to Vanguards - Enemy attacks were made easier

v 1.0

- Initial release


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