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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
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About Multitasking Trainer

Multitasking Trainer v0.94

This is a map based on the Hotkey Trainer map for bw. It is a great way to practice and improve your multitasking APM and Hotkey usage.
Huge changes have been made with v0.9! check the files page for the changelog.


You need to manage your base, defend incoming attacks, keep your minerals low, rescue a neutral unit and defeat your opponent all while microing a probe that is constantly being chased by a zergling.


The player has the ability to select his desired race at the beginning of the map as well as choose from five different difficulty settings or create the custom settings that are better suited to his needs. The map is now fully customizable! Also, as of v0.94 "Coach Mode" has been added. This feature displays an alert when you are not making workers as Protoss or Terran or when you have idle larve and Creep Tumors as Zerg. It is indended to further help people improve their multitasking and macro.

For some tips on beating the map and improving you should read these posts:

For more details about the map (and perhaps to contact me more easily since I dont log in here as much) please visit the map's "official" thread on

This is the first map I have ever made so all comments, suggestions, bug reports etc will be greatly appreciated :)

Multitasking Trainer v0.94

  • The map should now work normally with patch 16

New Features

  • Added "coach mode". This is aimed at further helping newer players improve their macro. By checking the checkbox on the difficulty selection dialog, you will be notified when you are not making Probes/Scvs as P/T or if you have idle larva and creep tumors as Zerg. These have not (yet ?) been implemented as Victory objectives and exist solely as a helping tool.

Balance Fixes

  • No more than two commands can be queued for Proberto to prevent extensive waypoint usage by players on the "Very Easy" and "Easy" difficulty settings.
  • Added a few turrets to the left of the Terran base to prevent "sneaky" attacks/drops.

Known Problems

  • The timer window for remaining time has an ugly purple background. This is a Galaxy Editor bug and should be fixed in the next patch.
  • More bugs could have been caused by the latest patch which I did not see. If you find any please report them! As always I still want feedback regarding balance, possible ways to abuse and suggestions to make the map better.

Multitasking Trainer v0.93

  • Initial Zerg Hatcheries now spawn with 3 larvae instead of 4.
  • Macro energy settings now load normally when loading custom settings banks.
  • Players can no longer use Mass Recall to recall the probe out of the area.
  • A "natural" expansion has been added. It is only allowed for Zerg players by default, if you play a different race and wish to have an expansion go to Custom Difficulty, load the preset bank you want to play and then select "Allow Expansion" form the "Time and Minerals" tab.
  • The objective for not exceeding the energy limit now applies to multiple Queens/Nexi/Orbital Commands.

Multitasking Trainer v0.92

A couple of small bug fixes

Multitasking Trainer v0.91

Macro energy limits now fixed for all races. Some Difficulty tweaks were made. I think that now all the difficulty settings are fairly balanced. Some small bug fixes.

Multitasking Trainer v0.9

-Major changes:

  • Two new difficulty settings have been added: Very Easy and Impossible.
  • A new feature has added added to allow the player to completely customize the map's difficulty as well as save and load custom difficulty settings.
  • Added a new objective that forces the player to keep his macro mechanics (Orbital command/Nexus/Queen) energy below a certain amount.
  • The executor now has to be saved multiple times in Normal difficulty and above.
  • Several possible drop/harass attacks have been added that occur in random times and locations.

-Minor changes:

  • It may look the same but the map's triggers have been (almost) completely rewritten to allow for full customization. This should also reduce some lag issues.
  • The preexisting difficulty settings have been slightly tweaked.
  • The player can no longer use nukes to kill the Terran.
  • The player can no longer use patrol commands on the probe.


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