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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
  • Created Jun 27, 2010
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  • Newest File: Metamorphisis v1.4

About Metamorphisis

You are a test subject that runs around. As you kill things you gain money and evolve into different units and get stronger. Use the money to buy upgrades and abilities. Type "skip" to skip some of the cinematics

If you download please give some feedback, it is all appreciated, and I will do my best to implement it.


First release


  • Made all friendly units move faster but have less health
  • added money system and upgrade center
    • get one mineral for every kill, upgrades at forge
  • gave all units psi storm, stim pack, and marine shield
  • changed a bug where the archon would spawn at the bottom left corner sometimes
  • added another hidden upgrade


  • changed location of final health pack
  • put another health pack at upgrade 3 spot
  • changed upgrade 3 spot
  • made so mobs will constantly attack instead of resetting


  • Reduced marauder, zealot, and archon damage
  • upped last spine crawler life
  • added more enemies at zealot and archon level
  • added new scenario after killing the hive


  • Fixed the problems created from the new patch
  • type "skip" to skip some of the cinematics


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