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About Matchmaking - The Game

DEMO Version - For Balance and Engine Testing

v0.1: 10 level

Review on SCLegacy:

Only Single - Battle Mode is available with 10 Level

Match unit in a board game to battle versus enemy waves
A match is valid if 2 unit are of the same type and no obstacle between them. The shortest route will be chosen. The longer this route is, the more unit you called from it.

Any suggestion and balance idea are seriously needed.

Note: All mechanics , enemy waves, board setup and many other elements are subject to change in further release. I will not be liable for any frustration and damage caused by beta testing this map AND/OR anticipation of the word soon.

Micro away and have fun. Remember to give feedbacks ( your score is at the mineral).

If you feel like to help, I'm recruiting a balance/waves designer and a story writer (for a campaign mode). PM me for more info.

- Added an option to select level ( of course you have to beat it first) - Some small level tweak here and there


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