Lava Caves

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  • Updated Nov 1, 2013
  • Created Apr 29, 2012
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About Lava Caves

Lava Caves: a small 1v1 map Map layout: The map allows for a fairly easy macro set-up, 3 bases ban be secured quite easy for they both natural aswell as 2nd expansion lead back into the Main. However the 2nd expo has can be vulnerable to terrain abuse locations. Further it provides numerous expansion sites which may even tempt for dual-expand startegies to be employed. The middle area is largely made up from two alternating routes which many passages in the center that allows for tactical ambush/ or entrapment plays. Furthermore the passages all interact allowing for surround tactics. I hope you enjoy playing on this map
Latest updates to map: - Increased Main Base area. - Removed several ackward ramps aswell as destructible rocks that didn't really come into play. - Edited Terrain slightly.


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