Kel-Morian Outpost

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  • Updated Nov 5, 2013
  • Created Jun 25, 2010
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About Kel-Morian Outpost

Team Liquid Thread:

"All war is deception" -Sun Tzu 'Art of War'

This map was originally an experiment, which turned into something I wanted to test out, which then turned into something really really neat that eventually ended up as a full-blown map. whew! Got that? 2vs2 fast action play is what this map is about. Nothing fancy, no surprises, well maybe a few. Like the backdoor in your teammates base, or the round-about to hit behind your enemies main choke, in this asteroid field you'll have to pay attention.

-Added extensive terrain to middle to balance against Terran. (thanks for testing guys :)
-Released official version of map.
-Reworked minerals to be more "blizzard" like. (thanks Adam)

-Widened Mains

-Added some more terrain work

Allys Main
One of the middle asteroid islands.
Texturing style present throughout map. (this pic is of a corner expansion)
Overview and seen from editor.

My releases.

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