Heart of the Swarm - Fan Made Mission

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  • Updated Nov 2, 2013
  • Created Sep 10, 2011
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  • Newest File: HotS - Mission >>1<< - Zar'gara's Fall 2.2

About Heart of the Swarm - Fan Made Mission

Thats the First Map! Zar'gara's Fall! You have to collect 100 Eggs - But Zar'gara will collect them too. Its a fight against the Time.

Go to "Image" to see Pictures of the Progress!

Thats the first Map! Its a copy of the Original - (Think so.) The orignial HotS Soundfiles are build-in!

So HAVE FUN and Report me Bugs or Feedback. :)

Changelog: -Raptor Upgrade is disabled. -You can build Raptor and Swarmling at the larva now. -Zar'gara collect now 1-8 Eggs. -Zar'gara can't be killed by Fungal Growth or Broodling strike. -Deleted the Attack and Armor upgrades 3. -Camera after the eggscene is fixed. -Zar'gara can't be hitted by banelings while burrowed. Parts of the next patch... -Patroling Zergwaves. -New Abilities for Kerrigan. -New ai for zar'gara


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